Shield of Speculation

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I’ve been watching a lot of the Guild Wars 2 demo videos and one thing I noticed in the general vicinity that only a few people have picked up on is the NPCs in the early human area around the earth elemental event are using some particularly interesting skills.

I’ll admit straight away that NPCs typically will probably be using NPC skills that may have nothing to do with player skills. However I thought that the skills these particular NPCs were using bore a heavy resemblance to what I imagined the new solider-monk might be like. Speculation, I know, but first lets looks at the videos. Action starts about 4:20 in.

One of the first videos I posted was this one from 1up. It has a few glimpses as well.

Now in the youtube video, the ranger walks up to an NPC who has a glowing white aura surrounding him with a definite image of a shield and cross visible. Most of the NPCs inside the fortress have the same thing. They use it throughout the video.

Normally I might not even bother speculating except that Logan Thackeray himself, a major human story element who stars in the Races trailer for instance, is one of these NPCs.

There is another skill they use as well that starts with a light above the NPC that shines down upon him. Not exactly warrior like, and they are clearly dressed in heavy armour.

What the skills are exactly, is hard to say. There are a lot of shield and light skills in Guild Wars. 6 skills starting with the word shield itself.

Its difficult to draw many conclusions from a few glimpses of a possibly irrelevant skill, but its an interesting thought.



  1. Hmmm interesting, it does definetly have a Paladin(holy warrior) look to it. But yeah I agree can’t draw any conclusion from looks alone it could easily just be an NPC skill like you said.
    Man the visuals of this game look fantastic even in these offscreen vids.

    • yeah hard to say, but i’m taking note.

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