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Okay maybe I'm projecting a little, and this doesn't resemble necros, but its still creepy.

Did you ever see Donnie Darko? I own it on dvd. It starts out as this look at suburban banality set in the 80’s and morphs into this dark metaphysical journey of the titular character. Long story short, Donnie sees the future his presence has on the world. In the movie, one of the ways this is presented is through a floating black trail of shadowy smoke.

I think Arenanet likes that imagery.

The unique mechanic of the necromancer is something called Death Shroud. When you enter Death Shroud a cloud of blackness appears at your location. When you move you leave behind you a trail of floating black smoke. When Death Shroud ends you return to the location you activated it at.

Its similar to the warriors in that you build up an amount of life force. Life force, however, determines how long you will be in Death Shroud, instead of using up all your adrenaline at once as the warrior. Death shroud apparently makes you invulnerable, and provides 4 different skills than normal with which to attack.

Even the very faces of the necromancer remind me of Donnie Darko. The movie has creepy imagery of a masked creature haunting Donnie’s nightmares. The new face paint that necros wear reminds me of that face.

I won’t get into the varying skills of the necro. Suffice it to say it’s still summoning creatures from beyond to do its bidding. It still seems to sacrifice. There are some very small indicators that it still curses, and soul reaping appears to still exist but as traits.

For more information check out this thread on gamescom skill information, trait information, and the video below has an example of Death Shroud about 2 minutes in.



  1. This is a good vid, I just sat through it pausing every chance I got to glean as much information about the class and interfaces as I could.


    There are 6 attributes.
    Strength: Increases melee power
    Agility: Increases ranged power
    Intellegence: Increases magic power
    Vitality: Increases health
    Perception: Increases critical chance
    Willpower: Increases energy

    Not including weapon slots, there are 11 equipment slots.

    Pants/lower body
    Earring x2
    Ring x2

    At one point he moused over his daggers and I got a good look at its stats.

    Ghastly Dagger
    Power 365-388
    +15 Vitality
    +24 Intellegence
    +15 Willpower
    This I thought was a cool feature
    +10 life gain on hit (Daytime)
    +10 life steal on hit (Nightime)

    Masterwork dagger (either hand)
    Required level 45 (so we will have level requirements)

    then there was some numbers at the bottom that I couldnt quite make out 2 of XX, maybe number of enchantments or runes, upgrades of some sort on the item?

    There were 5 inventory bags with a total of 100 slots.
    The first was a starter backpack with 28 slots and the remaining 4 looked like bags or sacks with I assume 18 slots each.


    Some of the skills changed to other skills after they were used. Which explains why there were more than fit on his bar even though he didnt appear to do any weapon swaping.

    His summoning skills were to the right of his health globe so I guess we can assume they are not weapon bound.

    Blood Fiend: Summon a blood fiend, which transfers health to you each time it attacks.
    This is the one that looks like a windrider

    Bone Minions: Summon 3 bone minions.
    He seemed to be summoning more than 3 at a time but the tooltip said 3, maybe a trait enhancement?
    After he cast bone minions it transformef into putrid explosion.

    Putrid Explosion: Explodes a bone minion.

    Bone Fiend: Summons a bone fiend which attacks enemies at range.
    This is the one that looks like an undead devourer, which I thought was pretty cool.

    Rigor Mortis: Fix your bone fiend in place and make its attacks immobilize enemies.
    I didnt notice but I think Bone Fiend transformed into this.

    Plauge: Turn yourself into a cloud of plauge. Any enemies you touch are contaminated with multiple conditions.
    The name of this skill was red, I think perhaps it was his elite.

    Necrotic Bite: Slash at an enemy and collect life force.

    Life Siphon: Steal an enemy’s health to heal yourself.

    Dark Pact: Sacrifice health to damage and bleed an enemy.

    Wail of Doom: Emit a wailing noise so vile and terrible that it dazes enemies.
    Warhorn skill.

    Locust Swarm: Summon a swarm of locusts, which will hover around you and steal life from enemies that get close.

    Poison Cloud: Summons a cloud to loom over an area and poison the enemies caught within.

    And as Hunter pointed out.

    Death Shroud: Enter your death shroud, replacing your skills and using your life force as health. When death shroud ends, you return to your original location.

    Death Shroud Skills

    Deathly Swarm: Seind out a poisonous swarm of insects that move from target to target.

    Doom: Makes an enemy feel fear.

    Life Transfer: Steal health from nearby enemies and transfer it to yourself as life force.

    Shadow Fiend: Summon a shadow fiend that attacks enemies.

    Turns in to

    Haunt: Command your shadow fiend to teleport to an enemy.

    And thats it.

    Lots of stuff I found interesting. The different effects on the dagger during day and night sounds cool. I like how the minion skills all seem to transform into another skill that plays off of the minion.

    The world map looks pretty good to me. I like how it looks hand drawn in the areas you havent been but the areas you have been are highly detailed like the current Guildwars map. No more black fog of war yay! This was something I was hoping for.

    Donnie Darko was a great movie!

    • Ah the numbers at the bottom of the daggers was the sell value duuh.

  2. ugh now I see the link you posted to the skill and trait info. Too much information the past couple days brain is fried 😛

    • don’t worry about it, i’m sure dozens of people did the same thing in analyzing the video.

      theres also another video where its explicity outlined the daggers work differently during night and day. not sure which one.

      as for the skills/traits/attributes, i think its interesting they’re going for a more stat building approach that works with weapons and presumably armour.

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