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Arenanet will undoubtedly be revealing their own gameplay footage, but for now the only thing available is the unofficial cam job somebody posted to an Italian site and youtube.

I may as well go through what we can gleam from it now in any case.

Starting off it quickly becomes clear you’re in the level 47 area near the Dragonbrand playing as a charr. It’s the Steeleye Span from the Manifesto video, and there is a fight going on inside of it. The enemies appear to be the same from the Manifesto video, a wolf or minotaur, a perhaps human sized enemy and charr sized one as well.

Tigerfeet will be very happy to see a charr running on all fours to get to where he’s going.

Martin seems to have a few hacks working while he’s playing, one to make him invisible to enemies, another to keep his mana bar full, and another to make all his hits critical hits. I can’t emphasis this enough, because a lot of people seem to be confused about his invisibility.

The res is maybe 4 or so seconds long, similar to a lot of res times in Guild Wars Original. One of the players goes down immediately after his res due to a beam like purple shot from one of the brand creatures. It’s a cool effect coming from across the room, death star like in its ability to shatter that charr.

He also revives at least one NPC, and at some point a flood of them join the fight, likely after a wave of enemies is beaten off.

That video is of such poor quality, I'm not even going to post screenshots.

The UI is nice in my opinion. Modern. Your 5 weapon skills to the left, 5 skills of choice on the right. A globe of red health is between, and thats probably one of my favourite aspects. No more bars. The adrenaline bar is above the skills to the left, and when its full your charge skill lights up. In this case its some form of axe chop, but I couldn’t make out the animation due to the quality of the video. It might be eviscerate as it is mentioned, but its hard to tell.

There is a blue bar on the right. I think its mana, but I’m not positive. It doesn’t seem to change much. There is a skill attached to it too but I’ve yet to see it used.

The quests appear to be in the upper right. From what you can see in the video, although there is quest text it is minimal, and the quest giver does speak. Only your goals appear to matter in the quest log.

The chat box doesn’t appear to be that much different than the Guild Wars chat box. The mini-map doesn’t seem to have changed much either.

The spinning whirlwind of doom is pretty excellent. An AoE that is very well animated.

I seriously like the monster skills being shown off. The beam, the purple projectiles, the lightning attack, some form of AoE crystal attack. That crystal attack has very distinct AoE circles that you can avoid.

I love how Martin goes around ressing everyone and nobody else resses anyone or seemingly even heals themselves. The Ankh, if you watch for it, becomes quite prevalent.

The blue circle in the middle of the room appears to be a way point.

What is that green blinking icon above the blue bar?

I like how quickly the skillbar changes when he sits in and gets out of that turret. What is that Structure off to the right? Seems to be crackling with energy.

So much effort into making that help box as spiffy as possible.

I like the highlighted enemies and allies. Very Jedi.

Before he approaches the cannon there is a silver medal near his quest log area. I’m not sure if that’s confirmation that he’s finished the event or what.

Steampunk is never more awesome than when there is actual steam.

You can get a good look at place names when he’s moving around the map, I’m not going to try to name them all but, Shattered Palisades appears to be part of the old Great Wall, and Pockmark Roughs is in the general vicinity of Pockmark Flats. I even saw something named (or close to it) nGenium Research Facility. Couldn’t quite make out the first word.

The first thing you see when he pops up north of the Great Wall? Stupid moas.

I wish I could hear Wark better. He hands out a kill ten rats quest, fine I guess. The harpies do appear to be standing around though, such is the nature of the quest. The harpies aren’t attacking anything, you’re sent to go attack them so I suppose that’s reasonable.

They’ve said there would be no quest text, and they’re partially right. I never really expected nothing, otherwise how do you keep track of whats going on, how do you have a quest log? The quests appear to be extremely conservatively worded, if Wark is anything to go by. He says one sentence, you can agree to do it, ask for more information, or say no. Then he has one sentence of parting words. Compare that to every other game that has paragraph upon paragraph of explanation and exposition. My only worry is, how do you fill out the lore with so little extraneous conversation?

Oooh new event notification.

More traditional looting system than I had thought. He picks up boots too. Armour!

I’m sure there’s more to add but I’d prefer to wait for an official video that has, you know, quality. If you noticed anything in particular go ahead and say something in the comments.

More centaurs! I just hope there are a lot of new monsters, instead of all the same old ones.



  1. That big structure when he was manning the cannon looked like a big tesla coil to me, wonder if it has any uses like a defense tower or if it is just aesthetic.

    I noticed that the target bar now has portraits not a big deal but kinda nice.

    The icon just to the left of the mana bar looks like a mana potion to me with a number in the bottom right corner, pretty standard.

    I cant make out the icons in the upper left corner but two of them look like human torso’s so I am assuming inventory shortcut etc. Probably game settings aswell I think the far right one kinda looks like gears which is a pretty common icon for that.

    I didnt notice any buff or debuff icons anywhere.

    No idea what that green icon hanging out above his mana bar is, looks like a cartoon splash with some symbol in the middle.

    When he opened the world map was it just me or did it look like it did a really fast zoomout from his exact location instead of just changing the screen?

    • maybe those big coils are some kind of lightning rod or science experiment?

      i think the zoomout is made to look like an exact location, but its not exactly google earth

      i saw the green splash thing interact at least once but i just don’t know yet.

  2. Laida from is keeping us updated on whats going down at Gamescom. It must be noted that this is a dev test video in ‘GOD mode’ 🙂

    • To clarify, Laida isn’t in the convention centre yet, but monitoring news as it appears. On first look, I quite like the UI

    • i’ll check it out. thanks

  3. If anything in this game impressed me more than the actual content being shown is the UI itself. Most MMOs have been so busy copying the same UI set up for years and finally we get something that’s easy to use and doesn’t inundate the player with more information than they can process. I’ve seen UIs like this for MMOs before but they were always in the form of addons from Curse.

    • ahh good point. but then gw has alwyas had a rather unique UI, particularly skill bars.

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  5. As you probably heard, Martin came on Guru to reiterate that there are no quests. He was referring to this video.

    I was glad to hear it since it did look like the old quest system at first glance.

    I assume that the asura creates a player initiated event with the harpies. But the event can be completed by others, with or without you. At which point the event is over and the asura moves on. (Of course, I am just guessing for now.)

    • i did see that but thank you for bringing it up in the comments. More than happy to hear he was just activating the event himself, not actually grabbing a quest.

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