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There is a lot going on right now, I’m not sure I want to post a new post for all of it. In fat it would be foolish of me to try to compete with dozens of people at this thread on Guild Wars 2 Guru. The first post has everything you need or want, I’ll try to stick to the things that seem interesting to me.

Arenanet has posted two blog posts. One is simply talking to various employees about the demo and what they’re excited about. The other is a essentially about the making of the in game cinematics. Video for that below.

Now the demo is actually in two parts. One part is the human experience from level 1. The other is the charr experience around level 47. We saw a little bit of the human demo in the offscreen video from 1up. Most of the unofficial gameplay from the live rehearsal yesterday was from the charr at level 47. Here is a couple of videos that were recorded live via Ustream from the actual demo. Terrible audio but big ass dragon.

There are a large number of videos to look through at Guru2, honestly there’s no way I can keep up with the influx of information. Go check out that thread.



  1. Oh my god, information overload! Seriously, want release date NOW.

    I really liked the first video on the making of game cinematics. It’s interesting that I didn’t think of it as “cinematic” at first, because what I saw reminded me more of a moving pop up book, almost like what we would see in the SWTOR timeline videos and not like what you’d see in say, a Starcraft trailer. But I still like the GW2 style a lot for the fact it showcases actual game concept art.

    • I normally break down all the videos that come out, but dissecting the plethora of poor quality gameplay videos would be damn near impossible.

      They mentioned a while back that in game scenes would play out with animated concept art like the original gw2 teaser trailer, so I was expecting it. however they did add the twist of adding your actual avatar into those painted scenes, and it all looks really really good.

  2. It’s hard to keep up, and gamescom hasn’t even opened to the public yet.

    Since I can’t be bothered trawling through pages of forums and enduring minutes of low quality video, I plan to wait for higher quality official/professional media releases.

    I want to make a diagram of the UI but I won’t do so until i have something reasonably high res.

    11am gamescom time is 7pm Aussie eastern time, so that’s cool 🙂

    • yeah i dont blame you. the videos are giving me a headache. you’d think arenanet would, knowing that videos of their gameplay would quickly become available, would make high res versions available somewhere at the same time, give them to IGN, Gamespot, etc. I mean come on.

  3. The video “Great Gameplay Footage Part 2 ~ by gwcom” (sound off as I don’t speak german) just answered a lot of the questions I had about how the game actually looks and plays. Decent quality video too, watching the 720p version of it on YouTube.

    I’m glad I can’t go to any of the shows. While it would be nice to get the freebies, it would be very frustrating for me to get to play it and then have to wait and wait until the game actually releases.

    • I’ve just watched and Part 1 of it too.

      It’s like someone grabbed WoW and shoved it into the Guild Wars environment.

      • i’m not sure i know what you’re getting at. it doesn’t look like WoW any more than most MMOs have a passing resemblence to wow in my opinion.

      • I’ve never played WoW (am I the only one?), but have seen lots of videos of it. Just picked one of the recent Cataclysm videos and I can’t see how it is anything like GW2. WoW looks more like a much smoother and better done version of Runes of Magic, which actually I guess RoM is a not as good copy of WoW. No offense to WoW players, but it looks like slow combat, cartoon graphics, and low res ugly armor and weapons. Not my cup of tea.

        Gw2 seems more of an enhanced GW1, with some Aion flash (better effects really), and a bit of the moves from C9 (Continent of the Ninth) thrown in. I believe Blade & Soul, TERA and some of the other upcoming games are also going with a more C9 like combat movement, but without the slow motion / freeze frame effects, thankfully. Not that I’ll be playing any of those.

    • i will look for it, i may have already seen it but i’m not sure. there are a lot of videos now

  4. There is hope!

    • i think you replied to the wrong thread but its cool. also, thats the gw1 beta right? good point.

      • So where can I post what I think about the gameplay videos form gamescon 2010?

        Yes, its the beta.

        • nevermind i misunderstood.

  5. So here is what I think:
    1. I hate how tha Charr walk on 4 legs
    2. I hate the glow around selcted charcters
    3. I hate the large numbers
    4. I hate how the skill looks with tons of glowing thing.

    It’s not GW anymore 8^(

    • 1. You hate that? I think its awesome
      2. I like it but, i can understand if you don’t like it. maybe you can toggle it?
      3. large numbers, small numbers, personally I don’t care. its all arbitrary.
      4. I like flashy skill effects and glowing things, look at lotro combat and look at the combat in gw2. gw2 looks amazing.

      of course its not gw anymore. its gw2.

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