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With every big announcement about Guild Wars 2 comes a torrent of interviews. I usually try to pick out interesting quotes and provide commentary. In this case, Gamestar.de, a site I’m unfamiliar with, had an interview with Arenanet.

I couldn’t find a proper translation of the interview but Guild Wars 2 Guru had a summation of the various new information found within.

Thanks to TheCracker.

* Tutorial takes about 20 minutes, after that you can jump into the next Asura Portal to meet with your friends.

That’s actually pretty sweet. How often do games split you up based on race for several levels before you get to see other races?

* If everyone in the group experienced the same story, with the same decisions, they can choose if they want to let the next decisions count for the whole team or for a single person.

I appreciate the effort to add this functionality, but I don’t see it being important on a practical level to most people. Married couples who play together and only together might appreciate this, role-players, but otherwise the majority of people are playing on their own most of the time.

* If you enter a low-level area as a Level 80 character, you keep your equipment but your health and mana get scaled down. When you enter a high-level area as a low-level character, health and mana will scale up.

I wish more games had something like this. Playing with friends is great, except when they’re 50 levels above you and steam rolling the content for you. No challenge. Scaling HP and mana upward to do high level stuff? I’m not as big a fan of this decision.

* You should only go into high-level areas as a low-level character when you’ve already played through the game on a different character, otherwise you run the risk of seeing spoilers.

That’s one reason I’m not a fan, but I also don’t see the practical point to allowing low level characters who haven’t done the work, got the armour, leveled their characters to participate in high level content.

* The finale is the same for every race.

Of course it is?

Hopes this wets your whistle before tomorrow’s start to gamescom.

Gwen fight a vicious nexu while imprisoned by the geonosians! No.. wait..



  1. I agree with everything except the upscaling. If they did the sidekicking thing like they were talking about a while ago, that’d be fine. Basically, you’d need a high level character as an escort or you’d get your face handed to you. That is more realistic. It is basically the reason for Droks runs in GW1. If you headed south out of Beacon’s to go to Droks to get armor, the natural consequence was getting pounded within a few feet by the high level monsters that blocked your path. A group of 12-15th level characters had no business there, but higher level characters could go. I think that should be the case with GW2 as well. Some areas are just going to kick your ass if you’re low level. I don’t expect a level 10 Charr to walk into the Dragonbrand and whoop up on the crystal baddies, but apparently that’s what they’re gonna let you do. At least with a higher level character escorting you you had a reason to be there, though not a prayer of surviving once your escort was downed.


    All good news. Upscaling low level characters = boo!

    • yeah I’m with you on upscaling, I want people to have to at least work a little.

  2. “That’s one reason I’m not a fan, but I also don’t see the practical point to allowing low level characters who haven’t done the work, got the armour, leveled their characters to participate in high level content.”

    For once I have to disagree with you Hunter. I’ve seen that kind of thinking in WoW when it came to achievement rewards and honestly if a person has earned they’ve earned it. It shouldn’t matter the character they’re on, because in the end it’s still the same person behind the character.

    I understand if you’re concerned about people running into something like urgoz with nothing but midlevel gear and expecting to be carried, but I don’t see that happening often unless it’s a group of really good friends wanting to goof off and get some kicks off more challenge.

    Let’s face it, we’ve all been gaming long enough to know that it doesn’t matter if you have a higher health pool or mana/eng pool, if you’re fighting something much higher level than you, it’s still going to kill you. Only difference is it’s gotta work more to get to your caramel nougat.

    • You dare to disagree with me on my own blog!? DEATH TO INFIDELS!

      but seriously I see your point, especially for people who’ve already maxed one character. I just think people who haven’t will exploit this and it disappoints me.

      • I will wait for more news on this aspect, it may be that you wont get xp or much reduced xp when you get these level boosts, perhaps it is just a social thing. It may also be restricted to particular types of content. We shall see, eventually.

        • fair enough, but theres only a few different ways taking low level characters to high level zones can turn out.

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