First Unofficial Guild Wars 2 Gameplay Video

August 17, 2010 at 9:10 pm | Posted in Guild Wars 2, mmorpg | 6 Comments
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Thanks to Guild Wars 2 Guru for being on top of things, but here’s the first video of gameplay from gamescom. It looks as though Martin Kerstein, community dude at Arenanet was describing what he was doing, playing through a bit of that area in the Manifesto video where they show off the Steeleye Span. Then he goes north to take out some harpies.

I’ll have more in depth analysis a little later.



  1. The UI! The charr! The skills! The map travel! The quests! The godmode that the dev is using! The charr running! The charr fighting! The charr ressing! My god, it’s awesome!

    • haha, i personally can’t wait for an official video. that half baked one was annoying.

  2. Looks great. Only thing I saw that I am not too sure I like is the glow around your targets, hope that can be turned off. The UI looks good but I hope we can move things around like in GW1 not sure I like the mini map in the bottom corner.
    Other than that everything looks great I really liked the way the Charr was running with his weapons sheathed. Video quality made it hard to make out a lot of the animations and details hopefully we will see some high rez vids out soon.
    Now im all psyched cant wait to play!

    • i semi sort liked the outlines, but maybe that was because the video was hazy and confusing so it was easier to figure out who was who with it.

  3. As a former hardcore pvper, the enemy outline on targets is extremely useful, especially when things get real hectic, it’s been something I always wanted in mmos actually.

    I wanna see more dragon action! =O

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