The Road To Gamescom

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Arenanet has been posting a bit on their blog about gamescom and reactions to their manifesto video. I haven’t blogged about them because in general there isn’t anything new and it makes me cry inside that I don’t get to go to gamescom. It’s not really something I can even consider, roundtrip to Germany is over $1200. Hell, just getting to Seattle and back would be over $700.

There are no game conventions in my future.

Thanks for letting me know what I’m missing out on Martin.

However the heavy emphasis they’re putting on promoting their gamescom presence does interest me. They’ve never promoted Guild Wars 2 as much as they are right now, and they still haven’t released that 4th profession they said would be released before gamescom.

Admittedly there isn’t much to what they have to say. Some QA workers gushing, some reactions and clarifications about the manifesto video, and the post that just went up about writing for the demo.

Like a lot of people I half expected them to release the next profession a week before gamescom as they did with Comic-Con. I still think it will be assassin, even after reading the book and even after more than half the people in my poll voted for necromancer. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

What do we know will happen at gamescom?

-The live demo
-Q&A with ArenaNet Art Director Daniel Dociu
-Q&A with Designer & Writer Jeff Grubb
-Guild Wars 2 Podcast with ArenaNet
-Q&A with GW2 Lead Designer Eric Flannum

And I’m sure we can look forward to a lot of coverage of all of those things. I’m personally looking forward to the podcast, and I’m wondering just how much of this will be new information vs old hat.


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