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As long as I’ve been playing Guild Wars there have been two main fan sites that dwarfed all others. Guild Wars Guru and Guild Wars Online.

At first Guild Wars Online was my forum of choice, but after a while I changed to Guild Wars Guru. It seemed more my speed. GWO was bought out by IncGamers a few years back. It received a redesign and was incorporated into their network.

Today Guild Wars Guru (and Guru2) announced that they have been bought out by

Whether or not that’s a good or bad thing has yet to be established, but the trend towards larger corporations buying out smaller fan sites seems to be on a roll.

Curse is a well known add-on site. People create small programs to make playing MMOs easier and more convenient, Curse verifies (please tell me they verify) that they’re probably not trying to rip you off and hosts those add-ons. Curse has bought out Warhammer Alliance, Aion Source, MMO Champion and other sites.

Here’s an article from TechCrunch about when they bought MMO Champion less than a month ago.

Curse isn’t the only organization buying out these types of sites though. Zam, formerly Alakazam, has also over the past few years bought out a ton of fan sites. Wowhead, Thotbought, and most recently Tankspot. You may recognize Zam from a few recent interviews (which I would link if they didn’t seem to be behind some form of wall) with Arenanet. They’re also well known for owning (for a time) IGE the shady gold selling company.

So what does that mean for Guild Wars 2 fans?

For one, probably not a whole lot of changes at Guru, at least at first. From what I can tell from the other forums Curse owns, there is little difference between old and new regime. I’m no expert of course. Aside from probable advertisement changes I’m not sure what they would change.

Another thing is its a definite sign that at least some people think Guild Wars 2 will do big numbers.

On a personal note I’m more of a fan of fan owned fan sites. FAN! When these sites are owned by corporations out to make money, I start to feel like an advertising statistic. Thank god for adblock plus?

At least Guru will most likely get a redesign, its badly in need of one.



  1. Well, we shall see, but it feels like losing those comfortable old shoes you have worn for years 🙂

    • if you go to warhammer alliance or aionsource you’ll find their forums are not so very different from guru. I’m not worried.

  2. No I am not worried either. In fact I am one of those who have actually converted to a paying customer for Curse. Their add on updating service for WOW is great; the amount of time I had to put into updating and resetting all my mods with every update was costing me 1-2 gaming sessions which was killing me; almost not worth playing. Costs me about 30 seconds now.
    I am not saying they are great people, but I am hoping it’s not going to be anything bad, Xfire being bought out (again) a couple of weeks ago. Now that may be a different matter.

    • oh really a paying customer? I used add-ons a lot for runes of magic so I’m by no means anti-curse, but like i said I’m more prof fan site than pro corporate.

  3. Oh wow, I had no idea Curse just bought out MMO Champion either…

    • you a big mmo champion user? I’d only heard of it in passing a few times before curse bought it.

  4. GWGuru was always owned by a corporation, it just wasn’t as obvious. It could have never got by just on donations obviously. Curse is profitable, thats what matters, a lot of networks have failed to become profitable or have other types of backing (Gold). Curse is very anti-gold selling.

    • I don’t think guru was on the same level corporation wise, and I wasn’t suggesting guru has anything to do with gold selling, just that zam is a little more suspect.

  5. There seems to be a lot of new fan forums popping up every second… *looks at the floorboards expecting a new forum to sprout any second*

    • Yeah, i believe its only a matter of time before someone goes after incgamers.

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