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When I was a teenager I probably would have addressed each and every point these people make, and ridicule them for their ignorance and lack of basic research. I am older and wiser and instead I’ll just observe with quiet dignity.


After having played WoW for 3+ years, I am not looking too convinced about GW2. To me, I think it could very easily suck and not quite be the “WoW killer” it was meant to be.

I am basing this on A) The disappoinent of Warhammer Online, Aion and any of the other “WoW killers” and B) the fact that I played Guild Wars before and found it in no way fun. Here are many problems I found with the game:

* Instanced game worlds made me feel like I was playing a crappy single player RPG as opposed to being part of a massive, dynamic world full of player controlled characters. If they’re gonna instance absolutely everything that isn’t a city in GW2 and make it feel more like a single player game, I will not even think about trying the game when it comes out.
* Many quests in Guild Wars were usually “Get to this area” or “Kill X amounts of this enemy.” And the worst part was that next to none of them were even soloable.
* Missions make vanilla WoW escort quests seem bearable. You usually have to escort a weak NPC to the finish and if he gets killed (which he will because A. He wanders all over the place and B. Enemies will focus fire on him) then MISSION FAILED.
* At a higher level, the game became a massive pain in the arse. Namely, I was in the Undercity of Kaineng City and it took me over 15 deaths to get out of the place for a quest and continue the main story of GW:F due to the stupid 60% death penalty, the fact that you always met large groups of strong enemies who are not retarded and will attempt to actually focus fire and quickly wipe out your group
* Crap PvM mechanics. At least WoW and nearly all other MMOs (Runescape is probably an exception) have established healing and tanking mechanics. In GW, it was all over the place.
* Not much to the game once you reach level 20. What do you do? Do more boring missions and quests? Grind for materials so you can get an expensive cosmetic upgrade to your gear?
* PvP pretty much being Random Arena (You require a healer to win), Alliance Battles, Hero Battles (requiring Nightfall), Fort Aspenwood and Jade Quarry. Its basically slightly worse than WoW’s system is. Arenas, meaningless BGs and a complete and utter lack of open pvp.

I don’t know, to me, this game looks exactly like guild wars 1 with a small graphical face-lift. Most of the features they talked about seemed minuscule and probably won’t change the gameplay much.

Then again, this is coming from someone that was not impressed by the first Guild Wars at all, so take it for what its worth.


No healers no sale. Laziness under the guise of innovation. It will take more than some stupid trailers to convince me they’re doing something good. You’ve completely removed a serious mechanic from the game. Now the only thing you’re going to have is a bunch of people running around swinging swords. There is no uniqueness in that.

Shame the classes sound boring and uninteresting 😦

The trailer can say it has flying pigs in it and I can jump with a spacebar, but I am not going to believe it until it is out on store shelves and playing. Plus that video had more mocked up CG in it than Avatar the movie.

I mean look at everything they have show of combat in their video releases, and take note of the fact that the AI is still as thick as pig shit. It runs up, and the two sides kick each others shins until one of them falls down.

Tell us how you will get rid of the lack of freedom in choosing and equipping actions; on how you’re going to integrate pvp and pve in a seamless way; on how you’re (please) drifting apart from the greedy no-expansion-no-skills model and how your going to make the very pretty and original GW1 into a (still) very pretty and original game but also a non grindy, individual player focused (and well, impossibly to believe – perfect) GW2.


Hey lets make so easy, a caveman can do it. God forbid someone has to work hard to achieve something worth while. They can go ahead and pander to children , lasy arses, and gamers without patience. But I will stick with MMO’s that give you the feeling of actual achievement for your dedication.

This is bad news indeed as there is nothing innovative with fast leveling. WoW started it and a plethora of games followed it and now hitting the cap in weeks for a casual player is common and a matter of days for hardcore players.

This limits the life of the game and takes away the special sense of hitting the cap because well, everyone will be doing it. And then what is there to compete for? PvP battlegrounds?

ArenaNet’s trailer, while exciting, comes very close to saying that the player’s choices will influence the world around him/her. It won’t. These Personal Quests are almost certainly going to be in an instanced format.

And the more illusion ArenaNet wants to create about us influencing the world, the more instancing will be necessary, because technology just hasn’t advanced to the point that an “open world” MMO can handle this.

Keen and Graev

All of that is supposed to be happening in the… open… world? Nah. Arenanet does say right in their FAQ that they’re going to use “extensive instanced gameplay”. Where do you think everything in that trailer is going to take place?

The illusion is suddenly destroyed for me. I can get all of that great stuff in a singleplayer game or coop gameany time I want (see @NecroRogIcon). I play MMO’s to participate in a world that is shared simultaneously with other players — a virtual world. I play MMO’s to be in a world where the decisions of others change my gameplay experience. I play for the community and the interaction.



  1. It’s understandable that people will be skeptical, I mean how many times have we seen MMOs come out that promised more than they can deliver? What I respect about Anet is that they are very willing to prove it, they’re posting constant news feeds and offering demos early.

    What I find hilarious about these posts is the “Hardcore whiners” saying this will be too easy and it’s another MMO that panders to children. Yet these same people are the ones posting in EVEOnline threads saying it’s too hard or the ones that complain about hardmodes in WoW being too brutal.

    This “Imma hardcore gamer” garbage got old in the late 90s, yet people still wanna talk about so called challenges but when presented with the opportunity to prove it they walk away with their tails between their legs.

    • its not so much the skepticism its the reluctance to even look into the things they’re being skeptical about.

      couldn’t agree more about hardcore gamer BS. to me harder doesn’t = fun. fun = fun.

  2. Your post title is what I almost used for my last post ;). Thanks for saying it so I don’t have to….

    • yeah i’ve got a whole other post lined up about a similar subject to your post.

  3. WoW…I mean wow. I agree Ven that a level of skepticism is understandable, and I admit I even have a bit myself at times. Nearly every time I think “Ok how is that ever going to work?” Anet has come through and posted an interview or article or video whatever and totaly renewed my confidence in them. I litteraly loled at that first guys statements.

    Is GW2 going to be perfect? No.

    Is GW2 going to shatter the mold of this stagnant genre that hasnt seen anything really bold or inovative in about 5 years? I think so and I hope so.

    While I can understand being a fan and wanting to defend something that you care about. I find it laughable the things they use to attack GW2.
    These people remind me of the Tea Party movement here is the U.S. They base their arguments on a delusion of what they think the game/country is and should be that has absolutely nothing to do with reality. And they dont look at facts they just stand on thier soap boxes and scream I want my country back! or It’s a WoW clone! It is blind patriotism to something that really isnt as good as they think it is. It is fear of change.

    • You know i actually thought of american politics when I was collecting these. I just wish people would inform themselves before spouting so much pointless vitriol

      • Really? We should all know by now that it’s far easier to simply be angry and impulsive than to be rational thinking adults.

  4. Thanks for rounding up all that trash onto this paper, which I’ll print and burn. I am sceptical myself at times, but I remain positive and interested. These people don’t care about informing themselves first; and then just state they want to play the game they are playing now.
    Good on em, go away and go play it.
    We’ve played GW to death, it’s a top game proven by it’s success. We don’t want GW2 to be a large expansion on GW, it has to be significantly different to keep us all interested for another 6 years. So far so good.

    • Don’t forget to throw the ashes into the gutter. I agree though, gw didn’t sell 6 million copies because it was just another wow knockoff, and now so many people seem to think they’re just trying to copy warhammer.

  5. Had myself a good laugh at these. Durrhurr I played for 5 minutes and sucked, so obviously the game sucks. Durrhurr I can’t tell the difference between actual gameplay and CG. Durrhurr I have no idea what I am talking about.

    To, them, I say: Hurrdurrken! *palms outward*

    • the CG one made me laugh and laugh. At least that bodes well for the games graphics i think.

  6. Some of those comments are so uninformed I’m amazed the people are that dumb to post about something they clearly know nothing about… no wait, it is the Internet, I’m not surprised.

    It is good to be skeptical of game companies. I play Aion, so I’m certainly not going to accept everything (anything?) a NCSoft division says as being fact. But I’m also a GW player and have read all the info releases and follow up responses from ArenaNet, and so far haven’t had any cause for concern. Sure, I want to know more about various features. But ArenaNet seems to be able to back up their words.

    Do I think they are telling outright lies the way NCWest did? No, I don’t. Hopefully they are using their sister division as an example of how not to do things.

    They are about to have limited game demos available at several shows, so we’ll soon see how some of the features are. I expect the haters to continue to spew; some of the same people still post nonsense about Aion, and I expect about other games as well.

    • Yeah basically a lot of people seem to think arenanet are outright lying about things. I’m skeptical but I don’t think they’re lying about anything.

  7. That’s right, haters gonna hate. I agree there should be a healthy dose of skepticism in any critique, but some people are just downright obnoxious and just looking for things to whine about.

    • if I blogged about SWTOR as much as I do about gw2, i’d probably get just as annoyed with all the swtor haters. I suppose I should have mentioned how i hate when people criticize various aspects of swtor, like story, even though we all know bioware writes amazing stories…

      • High profile games always get their share of the hate, it seems, from people who won’t be happy unless they can bitch about every tiny, inconsequential detail. I get the feeling there’s a subset of gamers out there who think it’s “cool” and “edgy” to dump on everything.

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