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August 10, 2010 at 5:24 pm | Posted in Guild Wars 2, mmorpg | 6 Comments
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To go along with the release of their new trailer, Arenanet posted a blog talking some big talk. Their main point being, we know we’ve been talking the talk, and now the proof is in the pudding. See what I did there? Mixed metaphors for the win!

Divinity's Reach

They also identify what is going to be in the gamescom demo.

You’ll be able to play a human character starting at level 1, or a charr character starting at level 47. For your first demo I recommend you play as human. You’ll get to experience the personal, branching story we’ve been talking about; you’ll get to band together with other players to defend human villagers and push back marauding centaurs in a variety of events; you’ll get to experience the active combat system and cross-profession combos; and you’ll have a huge open world to explore. Then, once you’re an expert at the game, come back and try playing again as a high-level charr. You won’t see as much story playing as a charr (since we don’t want to spoil the story for you that far into the game) but instead you’ll have a wide variety of high-level skills to experiment with, and you’ll be able to participate in some truly epic battles.

Sometimes I love Canada, sometimes I hate living so far away from things.

I guess this is the test. Maybe we’ll hear a lot more or a lot less doomsaying after this demo.

There’s a few details about gamescom and the trailer in the blog post so go check it out.



  1. Think you may need to lie down after this epic 🙂 Nicely done, now I shall watch the video again and maybe dissect your dissection. Excellent vid, and a cool walkthough Hunter 🙂

    cheers, Jack

    • thanks, it was a lot of work, i appreciate it. Go ahead and dissect it and i will dissect your dissection of my dissection.

      • Ah! time conspires to make itself scarce when the requirement is for abundance, so I have only had time for a prod.
        In the video at 2:02 there is a drawing of what only can be an assassin.
        At 4:34 if you freeze the HD downloaded version, there is a battle with purply things (forgive the technical term), the ‘friendly’ characters each have an ankh symbol floating near each of them, obviously a prot or heal spell indicator.

        • Just spotted that I posted these comments in the wrong place 🙂

        • its cool, this post is vaguely related anyway.

          the assassin art was in the various GDC videos which you should check out, or check this link out

          those little healing ankhs i noticed en masse after I posted (isn’t that always the way) i figure there is some sort of group heal going on.

          • Aye, I had spotted that but haven’t had time to go through the GDC stuff. I did notice in there however, some mega looking crafting facilities.

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