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August 10, 2010 at 2:28 pm | Posted in Guild Wars 2, mmorpg | 12 Comments
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The new Guild Wars 2 webpage image

As expected the new trailer popped today, it is damn good looking.

I don’t usually like a bunch of devs standing around talking about their game, and parts of the video give me the same vibe. However there doesn’t seem to be most of the fake “I’m excited!” feeling I get when I watch those videos, here there is a large proportion of real excitement.

I’m not sure why they bothered to leave hints if those hints turned out to be nothing more than buzzwords.

So what do you guys think, good idea to shut down Guild Wars today so people have nothing to do but go watch the trailer, or bad idea because you can’t talk about it with your GW buddies?

I’ll update this with the embedded when I find a version that fits in my blog.



  1. O_O…/drools /faint

    • and how. lots of information to take in here.

  2. A little disappointed they used so much footage that has already been shown before, for what seemed like just filler. Admittedly I was hopeing for something a bit more enlightening. Atleast I was correct in my prediction of what the screenshot portrayed.

    Other than that I think they did a good job on it. They showed some nice shots of some cities, some underwater footage which I know a lot of people have been waiting for. The bridge destruction looked pretty good. Was that a Charr tank or a building? It looked huge. They showed a lot of new monsters which looked pretty good. Is it just me or do those purple guys and the dragon share a strong resemblance to the Margonites? The golems look pretty good, I dont recall if it was confirmed before but it looks like we get to ride inside them.

    All in all it was a nice unexpected treat and they did a pretty good job on it. Personaly though I was hopeing for something a little less trailerish (thats a word right?) and more gameplay showing off some more combat in a way that is easy to understand what is happening. Ohwell guess I will just have to wait for some gamescon footage, official or leaked i’ll take what I can get.

    • On a side note, this game is going to be awsome visualy.

    • I wasn’t disappointed at all, if you look at the trailer there is tons of new information.

      I was wondering when they were going to get around to devs being in the videos for the game, most studios do that now.

      • Yeah foot in mouth here, disappointed isn’t really the right word, was just a knee jerk reaction to the fact that I was kind of inexplicably expecting something different. Guess I am just kinda tired of trailers and want some solid gameplay footage. Dont get me wrong everything looks great.

        I think I will definitely be starting as a human first, Divinity’s Reach looks fantastic.

        From the blog.
        That enormous steel structure in the video is called Steeleye Span. It’s a charr stronghold whose cannons hold the line against an army of corrupted dragon minions that rise up from the scorched earth in an area known as the Brand.

  3. gw was shutted down?

    • I was under the impression the shut down was today, its actually, tonight at 3am est or 12am pst.

      • Yeah they delayed the shutdown by 1 day.

        Good time to read a book i guess, and watch a video.

  4. Well, I am impressed. I hadn’t given GW2 much thought, but looking the footage makes it seem exciting and different than what’s out there right now.

    • Oh, and I finally see what your masthead is about.

    • yeah it was an early piece of concept art they released featuring an asura and plenty of golems and airships even, but i cropped it down to just a header.

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