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There won't be x-wings anyway, which is all we really want, am I right?

I’ve been keeping my mouth shut the past few days as bits and pieces of information about space combat in Star Wars: The Old Republic began to surface. It had already been confirmed but with little to no details. A few days ago a story in a foreign magazine leaked and I’ve been waiting for confirmation and enough news to actually talk about.

At first it sounded like my bet with mmogc would start to swing back in my favor. I had bet her that space combat in SWTOR would not exist and if it did, it would be little more than some turret based mini-game. She thought otherwise and we did not have to wait long before it seemed she was right.

However, what I started to hear seemed to me sounded exactly like a turret based shooter, which is not space combat. I may as well be playing duck hunt.

Of course it turns out its somewhere in between. A tunnel shooter where you don’t really get to choose a direction or speed. You’re put on rails and pushed along from behind while shooting down fighters.

– You fly from a predefined path
– There are several weapons available.
– You get quests, before you start in space and side quests can also be triggered.
– Repeatable
– for casual players
– The missions do not last particularly long, there will be no missions lasting 15, 20 or 30 minutes.
– As yet, no pvp

To be honest if I was expecting a full on space combat experience, I should be looking at other games than an MMO like I don’t know, a space combat simulator. However, the above space combat comes about as close to the old KOTOR turret mini-games as you can without them being mini-games. Space Combat is kind of useless if its on rails right?

Apparently though they’re aiming for a cinematic effect, but who knows what that means. If they’re optional and last less than 10 minutes, I don’t know how cinematic they can get.


  1. I have no doubt that Bioware will capture the movie like feel to this glorified shooting gallery. What concerns me is the more I hear about this game the more I look back at Bioware’s track record think about how linear their games are. They’re amazing games but let’s be honest not a lot of room for freedom, with an MMO setting I hope it’s a much broader gameplay than simply choosing the Good, Neutral, Bad dialogue options.

    • I for one will be looking forward to it. bioware makes good games, MMO or not I’m betting its going to be a good game.

    • Yeah, my better half was pretty disappointed in this news, but then I pointed out that SWTOR is being made by Bioware, not Bethesda (of course, his disappointment is ultimately that this is the case! :)). You kind of have to tailor your expectations.

      • people get so riled up about stuff, and then get disappointed when things turn out differently than their own imaginations. I am not thrilled that its on rails but it could turn out to be fun.

        • Oh I have no doubt it will be fun, but as it stands, what was once an equal playing field of interest between ToR and GW2 now is leaning towards GW2. Anet just seems to be more interested in moving the genre forward.

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