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Lately Guild Wars has turned into a bit of a chore. Not necessarily in a bad way, yet, but I have been logging in just to check the daily quests. Often the daily Wanted, Zaishen Bounty, or Zaishen Mission doesn’t interest me enough to actually take the quest, but on some days I find something worth while.

Yesterday G.O.L.E.M., the Eye of the North mission, was available and since I’ve been looking to increase my warriors various reputation titles for use with the appropriate reputation based skills, I took it. Pain Inverter is the shiz.

Not long after that a desperately bored friend messaged me to see if I needed anything done. They’re constantly badgering me for things to do so I took pity on their poor souls and invited them to join me in Rata Sum. I invited the guild to join me and before I knew it we had around 7 for a Normal Mode mission. Overkill.

Yet the group was unsatisfied with the ease with which we completed GOLEM, and when it was suggested we try something else, Eternal Grove quickly came up and we set out.

Hard Mode Eternal Grove can be pretty difficult. The first half is fine, but the wrong builds, the wrong setup for the second half and you’re screwed.

That’s exactly what happened to us. Things were going pretty smoothly until we got to the second half. People started dying and once that happened we never recovered, we just got overran. There could have been a little frustration at that point, but little time was expended collecting ourselves and setting out once again. This time it went pretty much perfectly, we brought a 2nd minion master (one for each side) and had only one person change characters completely.

Arborstone is also known as Cathedral zu Heltzer

Contrast that with my experience today in a PUG. I hooked up with a friend and she said she’d rather do it with real people. I’m not against PUGs per say, unless I have to join them.

We joined a group and it was clear from the start there would be problems. The groups original leader left in the Arborstone district before we ever started. I had a hint he might be impatient when instead of asking “Please kick you hero” he said “KICK MOX!!!!!!” Never a good sign.

We ended up leaving with 2 healers, a rit, 2 warriors, a ranger, dervish, and elementalist. As soon as we started fighting it was clear the dervish was AFK. Thanks for coming buddy! In the very first fight something else was clear, we were not doing any damage whatsoever. I’m not sure why. I don’t think the warrior that was with us was built for damage, but the ranger, ele, and rit were doing absolutely nothing.

One problem may have been a lack of target calling (I’m notoriously bad at this), but even when targets were called it took forever to down them. The team was pretty weak against mesmers as well, and there are plenty in Arborstone.

Eventually the dervish caught up, I believe after we picked up the Urn which teleports everyone to a close by location. Damage began to pick up immediately but it was still much slower that I would have liked. Another problem was that people kept aggroing things that did not need to be aggro’d.

At some point we lost a player, I forget which one, so damage slowed down again to useless speeds and people, namely the warrior, kept running ahead of everyone (like for instance his own healers) and aggro’d several Oni while we were still fighting wardens. Unfortunately, I had thought with 2 healers and a rit, not to mention everyone else, I didn’t have to bring a res. Which is probably why only 3 people were left standing, none of us with the ability to res the others.

Protectors of the Echovald Forest, The Wardens

Almost everyone resigned, but I was urged on by certain spectators to rush to my death by trying to complete the mission. My warrior, the other warrior, and the elementalist made it to the top of the stairs, eliminated the Oni, and prepared to rush the Stone Judge, a hammer wielding giant of a statue. We rushed in with the ele holding the urn behind us, and quickly were slaughtered. Dead on the ground, I noticed the Elementalist had actually just stood there outside of aggro.

I hate PUGs.

Me, my friend, and a guildie quickly reformed (well maybe not quickly) and went in again with a proper group consisting of an SoS build, a minion master, a mesmer and we cut through that mission like a hot knife through butter. The difference was so startling, but at the same time, how are you ever supposed to meet new people in Guild Wars without pugging?



  1. Asuran Scan is another great one you should consider for your warrior, really shines with backbreaker and renewing smash.
    Anyway yeah pugs are the suck.

    • yeah true, mostly i should be working on deldrimor though it works better with some of the builds i like.

  2. I used to love PUGs in the early stages, when missions were full of people waiting to do a mission. You’d get a group of French, Germans, USA-ans, and some of your own. Everyone was hoping someone knew how to do the mission, and you’d ask if we had to do the bonus. I loved the dynamics of having to try and get a diverse set of people ready for a mission without insulting anyone or taking too long. Trying to draw on the map meaningful directions, and hoping everyone was understanding. I enjoyed the challenge, I swear it helps with my leadership skills.
    Sometimes it would take many many tries before you’d get through but that was just part of the game.
    Not like that anymore is it? I am also more pressed for time, and I want results not the interaction so I just use the guild now days. In fact I don’t really care what I need; I am just happy to cruise along with the guild and do whatever they want.
    I am looking forward to the next Beyond bit, it’s back to normal old GW at the moment as you say. Done that. Still, we have a lot to look forward to next week eh, even if it’s not in game?

    • LOL you loved trying to get a diverse group of people together without insulting anyone or takign too long? You have weird priorities. thats like the worst part about guild wars.

      • No way it was part of the fun. WOW and SC2 have an automatic group maker, you never have to talk at all to anyone now unless you want to rage quit that is then you have to insult everyone before you leave. How social is that? The most social part is getting everyone together and ready for the mission, and then trying to get them to herd them all together. It’s the fun part.

  3. Well, if you ever need a monk, give me a holler (IGN is the name I use here). I’m usually pretty open to anything. And, chances are, I’ll drag my girlfriend along, so you have an extra mes.

    Anyway, funny you should mention pugging. I was getting kinda bored with GW (three years of almost pure monking does that, I guess), so I finally decided to pick up the mes I made some 17 months ago, and actually level him. The hard way. No runs, nothing. I did the first few missions, but it was totally different than when I did my monk three years ago. I used to be able to easily grab people, much like Melski, and hope for the best. Try as I might with my experiment, though, I always seemed to get a level 20. It wasn’t exciting. I was hardly killing things. The 20 and his/her heroes did all the work. I tried to liven it up and troll them, acting as if I really had just started playing. Still nothing. For that matter, they hardly helped. I ended up making it to Beacons, broke down, and got a run to Drok’s for armor. Pugged my way to LA, said hell with it, and went to EotN to get heroes, and KC to get skills. Waiting until I hit 20 to go to Spamadan. So…we’ll see how it goes. Pugging isn’t going so well.

    • Yeah, the long leveling curve of early prophecies deters most people from starting new characters there, you might have more selection for starting characters in cantha or elona.

      • Prof is where to story is at for GW2 though isnt it? You sort of need to go through it; take your time and take the henchies if you have to I recon.
        I bet there are a lot of people redoing a toon from scratch in prep for GW2 later in the year.
        And yeah I hate lvl20s in my group in lower level areas, its just no fun… just think how much this is going to apply to GW2 eh with 80 levels…

        • a lot of people like the nightfall story now compared to the others.

  4. My time in GW these past few months have been some of the most fun I’ve had playing GW since it’s first launch. Ever since meeting you guys from [RO] I’ve finally got a reason to actually log on and play, nothing feels monotonous. Thanks for letting me roll with you guys and here’s to further adventures!

    • Guilds always make stuff more fun, they can also make stuff more painful but overall its way more fun with a guild you can do anything and everything! Sometimes I think you should get shoved into a guild from the start, at least you have something to work with. Maybe even make sure you have to have a guild, so you can only transfer to another guild. Force people to know the power of a guild. ok maybe not, but everyone needs a guild, they just don’t know it.

    • The best guild wars decision you ever made was reading my blog. *sun*

      • Haha true that.

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