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Well if the concept art videos from GDC 2010 (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) weren’t enough to quench your incredible thirst for beauty, check out GDC 2010 China, where Daniel Dociu showed the following video.



  1. I am a little bit edgy about doing cut scenes this way. I am not sure what it’ll do for the emersion factor to go from cg graphics, to animated art. It looks exciting in these movies, just not sure how it’ll hold up during game play.
    I enjoyed seeing my groups avatars acting out the cut scenes in GW.

    • enh. I’m gonna wait and see. i enjoy animation.

      • I think it will mostly be for big story events, I cant see how they would do all the little cutscenes this way, simply because how are they going to render our individual characters into the concept art animation? Given that it is a persistent world, other than the personal story I dont think we are going to experience many cutscenes, nowhere near as many as GW1 anyway.
        Honestly as much as I love Guildwars it doesnt have the greatest cutscenes in my opinion “Rurik Nooooo!”, they were kinda cheesey to me.
        Personaly I like the concept art animation, I think it will look good.

        • everyone always complains about the cutscenes in gw but what is odd is nobody ever complains about the same cutscenes. each person has an idea of what is good and what is bad, and I think that means its more a matter of taste.

  2. Those guys at Anet sure know how to draw.
    There where three slides, that showed what seemed like deployable turrets. Could that be a hint at another profession, something like the engineer in WAR?

    • I noticed those too. My first thought was that they would be stationary sentry units like the fire flower things in Urgoz’s Warren, or siege weapons for pvp or events. They were cool and interesting but I dont think we can draw conclusions about them from the concept art alone.
      The number of different examples doesnt mean anything, concept artists will often submit many different varations of the same idea until they are given a thumbs up on it and often they will use many elements from different examples for the finished piece.
      Not saying yay or nay to the engineer idea, just dont think it is a conclusion that can be drawn from a little bit of concept art. They are cool looking though, I would like to see what they are going to be for.

      • i doubt there will be too many stationary units like that but maybe. to me some of them looked mobile. and siege weapons are usually meant to move.

    • possibly, but they’ve talked a lot about siege weapons and I’m thinking they’ll be controllable by anyone.

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