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Will we be able to play as big headed alien freaks like this Duros?

Another thing released today by Star Wars: The Old Republic were a few new playable species.

Twi’lek, Rattataki (Asajj Ventress), Human, Chiss (Thrawn), Sith (race), Miraluka (blind KOTOR2 chick), Mirialan (Luminara and Bariss (I love me some Bariss)), and Zabrak (Darth Maul) are all officially confirmed.

Now I won’t get into class restrictions, other than to say class restrictions are stupid no matter how you look at it, but keep in mind there are some. I’ll also bring up other races that haven’t been confirmed but may be likely.

Races that have appeared in concept art, videos, or otherwise are unofficial are as follows. Cathars (Cat lady from KOTOR), Nautalons (Kit Fisto), Mon Calamari, Rodians, Chagrians (Palpatine’s Fat buddy), Kel Dor (breath mask Jedi Master), Togruta (orange skinned Jedi), Duros (image to the left).

Out of the unofficial selection, there aren’t many I’d like to play as. Cathars (not to mention Togorians, Selonians, and Drall) kind of remind me of Khajitt which I liked playing in Elder Scrolls, but otherwise don’t interest me. I’m not big on water, so there goes Mon Cal, Nautalons, or Quarren if they’re in. Rodians and Duros are weird looking, no thanks. There just isn’t much here for me.

My memory is poking me with the idea of Nikto being in the game but I can’t remember why.

One race I think is likely, and that I’d like to play is Bothan. They’re slippery little bastards and clever, and I like that. As long as we’re generalizing about entire races anyway. I think they’re likely because they’re a popular race in the expanded universe, furry for all the fetishists out there, and have this proud lion-esque physique. *Spoiler* Borssk Fey’lya has one of the coolest deaths in Star Wars lore.*End Spoiler*

Wookies are looking pretty unlikely. Turns out George Lucas is a loon and decreed a while back that wookies aren’t allowed to be Jedi anymore. In any case it would be hard to fit them into armour and other size problems. The same for other more exotic species, Bith, Ithorian, Talz, Chadra-fan, Hutts, and Barabels (the one class out of these I’d like to play) would all be too misshapen to design around.

The Nogrhi are a popular race and I’d like to play them but there is no way in hell they’re in Old Republic. Too far out of time and place.

But to get to the official selection so far, its looking grim for me personally.

I don’t want to play a Zabrak because, while the race looks okay, I’m not particularly drawn to it, and there will be a stigma of fanboyism attached to anyone looking to emulate Darth Maul.

I don’t want to play Twi’lek, the teeth freak me out. Shallow but whatever.

Although Ventress is a great villain I was never enamoured with her race. The rattataki are bald and pale as ghosts, it isn’t exactly enticing.

Human, Miraluka, Mirialan all seem kind of enh. Boring.

Which leaves me with the Chiss. I kind of really really want to play Chiss so I can’t complain too much. Thrawn is a unique person even amongst his species, its not like that kind of genius comes along every day, but he still leaves quite an impression. If you haven’t read the Thrawn trilogy, do so. There’s a reason its called the Thrawn trilogy even though officially that title exists nowhere.

I have to wonder just how popular humans will end up being. Many I think will identify with their own race over others from the start. The more unlike humanity other races get the less popular they’re bound to be, but it does seem like that doesn’t deter Bioware from including a lot of possible races. At the very least we’ve got 8 so far. Can’t wait to see more.



  1. I want to play Twi’lek because I think the females are beautiful 😛 How’s that for shallow on my part? lol

    We’re probably not going to see Wookiees as a playable choice, not only because Lucas has decreed no more Wookiee Jedi, but we probably won’t see them available for other classes either because of their language. We’re definitely going to be limited in that regard, first to species that are human-like or at least humanoid, and second because of the voiceovers they have to be able to speak clear basic.

    • I must be much more shallow i keep ruling out species after species on looks down to basically one race.

      Ahhh yes speech. good point.

  2. I’ve narrowed down my list for my sith warrior, but if the character creator is robust I may spend a week just customizing.

    • yeah i really want a crack at creating a new character in a robust character creator some time soon.

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