Ghosts of Ascalon: Live Blog 2!

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Ooooh its not horrible.

I suppose I don’t learn my lessons very well. Last time I posted I acknowledged that not setting a specific time to live blog something is kind of ridiculous. I should have thought to announced I’d start around 4pm AST today. Whatever its not as though anyone is following along right?

I’m about halfway through the book if you couldn’t tell. I’m actually enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would. Its difficult to tell Forbeck from Grubb, whether there is mroe than one writing style or not, but that hasn’t been my main focus. The writing overall is solid, a lot more solid than game tie in books tend to be.

Anyway. Getting started.

4:08 – Master Snaff? Uhm, ok.

4:11 – Ahh Kranxx is coming with the group. I half expected Clagg to rear his little head and cause trouble again but I guess Kranxx is the asuran of note from here on out.

4:25 – I guess I’m getting drawn in. Keep forgetting about this whole blogging thing. Riona’s sudden weakness doesn’t fly with me though, I don’t get the character.

4:31 – I don’t know why every fantasy story in a city forces the characters to go traipsing through the sewers. The book is well written, but its use of cliche is heavy.

4:36 – Oooh I wonder if the sewers smell bad. Maybe we should talk about that. And honey wagons. I hate that term. I love honey but I dislike honey wagons.

4:39 – Wolf’s Nose! Tigerfeet needs to make an image of this phrase.

4:48 – Ooooh guns. And they failed to hit anyone?

4:52 – Killeen summons rats. Racial skill or are necromancers more of a summoner as I’ve kept saying? Curious.

4:56 – Nice moral quandry, what with Dougal releasing Ember and that cascading into the fight with the vanguard. More healing potions. If potions turn into a major way to heal yourself then I don’t really think the lack of healer in GW2 is very innovative. How many asian MMOs rely on potions?

5:01 – Playing Guild Wars for so long I’ve been dulled to the grotesque nature of necromancy, this sort of brings it back though.

5:14 – i always like a good trap. Bear’s Buttocks, best one yet.

5:30 – Ahhh the people’s interest in necromancer as the next profession becomes clear. How many cool things will Killeen do before the end of the book?

5:34 – I like how ember now has her own green weapon.

5:35 – Ahhh a mention of assassins and spies. And some people just won’t admit there is probably an assassin class.

5:42 – Ooh Clagg makes a return of sorts, being mentioned. I figured he was behind Gullik showing up. Starting to notice more copy errors.

5:45 – And there is the mention of mesmers.

5:49 – Okay, the norn phrases are starting to wear. Are we going to name new animal anatomy every 5 minutes? someone actually proclaiming they want to bathe in blood settles in wrong with me personally.

5:57 – Never really thought about the similarities of Foefire and the Orr disaster, but essentially its the same thing. Adelbern was as bad as the lich.

6:00 – Going to have to take a quick eating stuff break. back in 20.

6:15 – Back.

6:22 – I guess Killeen experiences the rejuvenating power of the sun.

6:27 – The dragonbrand is a pretty original fantasy landscpae I admit. Also, I would like to fight that hill.

6:41 – Its always sad when they kill off your favourite character.

6:47 – 268 pages in and I finally hear how Dougal escaped Ascalon City. Long enough for you?

7:05 – The varying stories and different ways the races see things is even more prominent than I had anticipated. It was made quite clear in interviews and such before the release but I find the extent to which its done impressive.

7:09 – I think Frye is named after phillip J. personally.

7:20 – As time goes on we’re getting sappier and sappier. I hope that stops.

7:24 – A lot of mirroring going on. They kill a human patrol, and then a charr patrol right after. They chain Ember as a prisoner, and then chain Dougal and Riona as prisoners.

7:33 – I don’t think I like Riona, how many times does she have to be shown she’s wrong. Effigy.

7:36 – Environmental weapons! There’s a lemon behind that rock!

7:43 – As soon as they started to describe the black furred charr I guessed it was Rytlock, I guess I thought he was iron legion or ash though.

7:47 – Anybody else at this point in the book, or in fact much earlier, suspect Ember is related to Soulkeeper? Say grandmother perhaps?

7:54 – Loving the imagery of the foefire. A bright pillar of light rising into the sky.

8:00 – Are you kidding me? Page 316 before anyone so much as mentions Gyda’s demise? Gullik has been after the story for like 200 pages.

8:09 – I wish the guild wars version of ascalon city was as grand as the book makes the ruins of ascalon out to be.

8:20 – Is it me or does Savione come off in your imagination as a bit effette. Kranxx is discussing game theory. It seems so out of place.

8:30 – Riona is one cold blooded harpy.

8:42 – I have to say asura usually have funnier one liners. “Command this, bookah” doesn’t quite do it for me. I guess I can’t expect a yippie kah yay die hard line but whatever.

8:47 – There are a lot of traps in this book. Like a lot, a lot.

9:00 – Well I can’t say i knew Riona would full on betray anyone, but she was getting mighty suspecious behaviour wise. Like when she full on egged Ember into leading the distraction. I had been wondering where Ember had wandered off to.

9:11 – And I’m done. Holy crap my back hurts. You’d think they’d check for Kranxx corpse first, I mean he could be alive right? That satchel of Gullik’s carries an awful lot of stuff apparently, I mean how big is the claw and he just stuffs it inside. I have to admit the whole thing, despite heavy use of cliche, was well written and therefore smoothed over any awkward moments or repetitive elements with smooth writing. A review in a few days I think. I’m out.


  1. You read fast, halfway already. How long is the book?

    • 370 pages or so. I’m not so much a fast reader but not taking breaks helps i guess.

  2. Adelborn is such a crazyhouse crazy. I do wonder if Ember is an assassin rather than a warrior, though. I know it’s dodgy that an assassin could wield a gun, but *shrug*.

    • i don’t think its dodgy at all, I actually think its a bit likely that assassins will have access to guns.

      • Dragonbrand = environmental effects ahoy?

        • yeah i’m thinking ltos of places will have environmental effects. including dragonbrand.

  3. Wow, almost caught up to me after only two days @_@

    Also, my friend and I came up with the Law of Favorite Characters. They always die. This is certainly true in this book.

    • yeah at least its not some kiddie book from RA Salvatore where everybody always lives.

  4. Re: Gyda, I didn’t like her at all, but I was so sad that nobody bothered to take Gullik aside immediately and tell him her tale! She deserved better than that for buying them time that saved their lives.

    With cities having teleporters that take you from one side to the other in GW2, I’m hoping we get some of that bookversion Ascalon City massiveness.

    • I’m with you on gyda, but we’ll probably be fighting for our lives in ascalon city. too busy to take it in.

  5. How good is it from one to ten?

    • I don’t know, 8? I’ll write a review in a few days.

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  7. I found myself thinking, I want to go there and see this in GW2. I trust we’ll be able to go fight the King for ourselves at some point. I want to see the grave of Kileen too.
    Agree with you on Kranxx, they assumed the norn was dead and he came back too. I’d say there would be good chance he’s fine!
    The book was a little slow to start with, and then it got going and kept it up. I’d say I wouldn’t have enjoyed it anywhere as much had I not been a char hating human for years prior to reading it though. I tend to agree with Adlburn though. I’d have used the spell too. Better that than have the char take it. They did an ok job of trying to make me like char; but I’d still rather be killing char than playing with them. They do look cool.

    • I wouldn’t condemn my own people to eternal misery as ghosts personally.

      Hard to tell if they’ll add something as seemingly insignificant as a grave for killeen, but i’m sure we’ll see a lot of stuff from the book

  8. A bit late to comment on this (just finished reading the book last night).

    I’d definitely go with “slightly above average” overall. If I had not played Guild Wars and was just picking this up as an average person, I’d probably rate it a bit below average. It seems put together a bit strangely, leaving some things until too late in the book, a bit repetitive in places too.

    Didn’t help that they kill off the most interesting (and my favorite also) character about two thirds of the way through. I certainly got a “sorry, we don’t want to reveal too much about the Sylvari, wait until the next two books” feel to it.

    I thought the Dragonbrand in the Gamescom demo looked nice, but the book version sounds even better. Guess if everything crumbles to crystal powder that easily it would end up being just a strip of flat purple crunchy barren land in the actual game. Unless stuff continues to grow? That would be interesting.

    • I agree that killeen was one of the best characters but I’m glad they weren’t too scared to kill anyone in the book. I’ve read too many books where nobody dies ever to appreciate it any more.

      yeah, i’m hoping there are different regions of the dragonbrand that look different. the parts we saw just looked like scorched earth and not much beyond that.

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