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August 5, 2010 at 3:37 pm | Posted in Guild Wars 2, mmorpg | 9 Comments
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Obviously for those of us who will not be able to attend gamescom in Germany, there will most likely be gameplay videos. I’m left wondering just what else we’ll see though. Developer walk-throughs? Character customization?

I can’t imagine with a playable demo they’d hold back too much on those sorts of things. People will be playing the game and reporting back anyway, so it seems like a prime time to unleash video hell.

What do you guys want to see?

EDIT: Had to delete the old poll to edit it, I’m pretty sure at least one persons vote got deleted. sorry.



  1. I voted professions and skills but I think the thing im most interested in seeing at the moment is the UI, mostly the skill bar, but I also want to see the trait interface and the attribute system. Character customization would be good to see too, and of course just general eye candy. But honestly I dont want to see too much of the events or story I would rather discover that stuff on my own.

    • ahhh yeah i should have put in an “other” or more options maybe.

  2. I wanted to check off everything because I really do want to see *everything*, but yeah, the most important thing to me is seeing exactly how these dynamic events will work (or not work, if real live gamers can manage to break them).

    • I doubt anyone at a convention is really going to be trying to break them or will have enough time to anyway. but thats what i want to see too.

  3. I voted Dynamic Events, but really I’d be happy with a bit of everything. 😀

    As long as there is some actual game play by non-ArenaNet people, that would be good. I guess it is a safe bet only 4 professions will be playable in the demo, so probably no actual character creation; all characters will be pre-made.

    • possibly but you never know, they might have a bit of character customization, thats one thing demo’s usually have isn’t it? I guess it depends on the game.

  4. How about something we dont know yet; like loots drops, exp gain, monster to person counts (is it like wow, 1 or 2, or like GW, where you get heaps). I’d like to see grouping and how it effects things, I’d like to see camera movement and how you move around. I wont to see what the armour is like, what stats it has, and the weapons too, is there like a item score on it and how varied are the stats? I wont to see how intellegent the monsters are, are they wandering around in patrol and do they actually move and cast smarter than GW? I wont to see what its like to be in game, how do they make me do something, and how do you explore this new world? Heaps, of which i don’t expect much to be answered.
    The most important thing is the combat, does it look fun? is it really going to require smarts or just repeated runs to know where to stand and what to take?

    • a lot of those things just seem like details apart from the major things people want to see.
      but yeah. combat and skills would be good.

      • I guess what I am asking for is for it to differeniate itself from blizzard. To me alot of the changes so far smell like GW for WOW players. I want (joy for learning to spell) to see that its not that and some of the above well help me to calm down about it all.
        Events and all sound good, but to me it’s not enough. I need to know its not grindfest.

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