Relics Hiccup Of Orr

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Even this guy's got a better mic than Chazz

For the past couple weeks I’ve sent in questions to the Relics of Orr podcast. As much as I don’t want to crap on the other podcasts, GuildMag, and GuildCast, I’m starting to really prefer Relics. It’s just more my speed and my wavelength.

I can understand why people like GuildCast, they’re extremely friendly, very in touch with their fans, and have a lot of inside information from being involved with Massively.

Same with GuildMag only different. They’re some of the best informed people on Guild Wars 2 period. The most up to date information and opinions on that information.

What I like about Relics is generally, the personalities. They’re not afraid to be more who they are, say what they think, and joke around in a carefree environment. That along with also being well informed and having varying opinions helps a lot.

So yeah for your Guild Wars Original and Guild Wars 2 podcast needs I fully and officially endorse Relics of Orr. Check them out. Their latest, episode 8, just went up.


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