Planetarium: Nar Shaddaa

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Today Star Wars: The Old Republic released yet another planet to their giant number of ever expanding locations. Nar Shaddaa is familiar to any real Star Wars fans as it appears in numerous books, video games, and comic books.

I first remember Nar Shaddaa from the Dark Empire comic books where Vima Da Boda was introduced. They were the first Dark Horse Star Wars comics I had read and as I recall far superior to the marvel comics of the 80’s.

Nar Shaddaa: It’s much like Taris or Coruscant in being covered by a city scape. The dregs of the moon sink to the bottom and the rich rise to the top. Its located next to Nal Hutta so obviously there is a lot of crime. My memories of the place revolve around smugglers, back alleys, bars and in particular Mira. It’s far more renowned for the shady dealings than the opulence.

In Game: Sounds like a definite separation of factions, some in the rich areas and some in the poor. A lot of crime related questing and being so close to Nal Hutta some sort of association with Bounty Hunters. As there is a lot of talk about profit and business there’s a possibility for an Auction House, but there’s a possiblity for that in many cities. As with Taris I’m betting on a lot of mutant fighting in the depths.

Pros: Definitely a place I want to go. While it hasn’t been in any of the movies, its been mentioned, shown, visited, and adventured in since I started reading Star Wars fiction and playing video games. After Nal Hutta was added I sort of expected Nar Shaddaa due to proximity, but that doesn’t lessen my joy. It does give off a kind of gltizy Vegas vibe which I like in the video and screen shots.

Cons: Another city scape? We’ve got Coruscant already. In fact there are going to be a lot of cities. I suppose there are plenty of wilderness locations and this is a sci-fi game so it is to be expected. After Guild Wars: Factions I know that you have to do something impressively graphic pretty often in your landscape for it to not all look the same. Another problem is the crime element. I’m starting to get the impression there is going to be a lot of cops and robbers and bounty quests. Also I think they’re contrasting the richie rich upper levels with the poverty stricken lower levels a little much. Shouldn’t they change that up a bit?



  1. This “planet” is going to rock. I think it’s my favorite one yet, in terms of concept and art. I just wrote a similar post predicting what we might expect to find on Nar Shaddaa, not in as much detail as you, but I really do think questing there is going to be more than just cops-and-robbers and bounty quests. I’m thinking more moral decisions and difficult choices.

    • ahhh good point. lots of moral dilemmas if you’re trying to say, save the lives or livelihoods of criminals that populate the moon.

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