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Arenanet via their blog have announced that the maximum level in Guild Wars 2 will be 80. I’m sure there will be a lot of talk and what not to come, but for the most part, this is not a big deal.

Guild Wars had a max level of 20, and the vast majority of content was geared towards the max level. Their games have never been about grinding out experience or hearing that next ding, although I’m certain some people love that. I don’t expect that to change too much with Guild Wars 2, but they don’t go much beyond basic information with their blog post.

Max level is 80, and leveling takes the same amount of time each level, as helpfully demonstrated by the uber complicated chart below.

I don't understand this graph, perhaps if you explained it in pie chart form?

They don’t get into how often you receive points to put into attributes, or what amount of health or energy increase you receive per level, or any other detail of import. They do say the following.

Progression in Guild Wars 2 is way more than just leveling. We have achievements, trait collection, crafting, dungeons, skill collection, items, and much more.

That’s about what I’d expect. My characters got stronger in Guild Wars by collecting elite skills, not by reaching level 55 and getting that extra boost to my fire magic.



  1. I was excited to have a number but other than that, it makes no difference for me. I agree with Hunter and Izzy, the game isn’t about making the green bar go up, it’s about earning achievements, finding treasures, gaining titles, learning skills, and trying out new ways to play.

    Final Fantasy was about leveling. Everything was tied to what level you were so you couldn’t access spells and some equipment until you reached X level. I’m glad to hear that leveling in GW2 is something that just goes on in the background rather than something I have to constantly attend to.

    • Yeah I can’t remember if they’ve said straight up that leveling doesn’t matter, but they’ve definitely hinted around it.

  2. “They don’t get into how often you receive points to put into attributes”

    Have you actually seen any info about GW2 that indicates that there are attribute points? Obviously it would make sense to have them, but there have been so many design changes with GW2 that I don’t want to assume anything.

    • they’ve said that the old attribute points system is gone and they’re changing over to a more traditional system similar to other rpg’s. nothing beyond that. so think stamina, dexterity, strength, intellignece, etc

  3. Its sad that people need to have a leveling curve at all to make them feel that they are progressing.
    I hope your right Hunter in saying that level just isnt going to matter.
    I find it anoying that there is going to be content that at max level is going to be wasted on me since I’ll never go there again since its all too easy.
    I like GW 20 levels; it makes all the content appropriate level and available for all.
    Oh well, I sure they know this and they have something up their sleve.
    I just defended LA, and watched the Seraph be created; that was totally awesome. If I had not been max level it would not have been as important to me since it would have been for junior characters and no one would leave something important to junior characters. Having said that, I am proud to have done it and been there for something so important and awesome. To top it off I got a mini Salma from the rewards.

    • Yeah making the majority of the content aimed at the majority of the players was genius. gw doesn’t get enough credit for that innovation.

      • I sence a certain amount of humor in your reply. However, I do think that WOW has wasted masses of effort on areas that people just see the once while they level.
        It’s a very valid point. Talk to my friends who are doing nothing but ICC right now… boring.

        • there was no humour in that response.

  4. It seems that though ArenaNet is attempting to implement a lot of innovative decisions for GW2, they are also trying to make the game appeal to the masses and fashion it as close as they can to “mainstream” MMOs. That’s what I thought when I read about this anyway. Since levels and leveling are familiar to most people, I guess it’s not surprising that they’re throwing the number 80 in.

    • Its also a bit strange, since wows about to goto 85, they’ve been trumped.

      • Haha, that’s true though to be honest that connection didn’t even occur to me until you mentioned it (I guess it should have, I mean, 80? Dur…) MMO players are just used to having levels now, that even though leveling through each level will take the same amount of time, I have a feeling what they’re going for is more like making people feel more “at home” in GW2 now that they get levels to grind.

        • part of me wishes they’d ignore the stupidity of people who dismiss the game based on a low level cap, or people who want to grind out levels. On the other hand i think it solves some simple problems. No more explaining why the level cap is so low and making people feel relatively comfortable, like you said.

  5. Ugh… level 80. Pray nugget, pray that you won’t be disappointed! You’ve seen 50 levels done without being grind, maybe ANet can do that for 80 levels!


    • I’m gonna guess you get most of your attribute point like stuff early on and the later levels are purely for show. doubt theres much grind at all.

  6. Good. Maybe it means that the storyline will be longer.

    • I’ve been wondering about the length of the storyline myself, but its hard to tell.

  7. They do a pretty good job trying to allay fears of a long level grind but still 80 is a daunting number. For long time MMO gamers like myself who have seen upwards to 200 it’s not a heck of a lot in comparison but at the same time I sure as hell don’t have to time to deal with that number these days anyway.

    The problem with MMOs with a high level cap is you out level/gear areas unless you want to do it in hardmode. I liked how it was in GW where the lowest level content was in a small isolated starting area then once you finish that storyline you moved of to the mainland and everything is max level. I’ve seen it time and time again I hit level cap and I have little reason to go back to a starting area. If I do it’s because someone needs help or there’s a daily quest asking me to go there.

    With a high level cap it’s like (and I’m being generous) 60% of the content is below the cap the rest of it is in “endgame.” Personally I enjoy going back to areas and still fighting things that can slug back regardless if I have 800skill points on the bank.

    • Well like I said, I doubt levels matter that much in GW2. its just a number the numbskulls who don’t understand levels don’t have to matter can shoot for.

    • Yeah, but they’ve also said that players would be “sidekicked” (or whatever) down to an appropriate level range for lower-level content, so you can’t just steamroll early-game events with your level 80 character.

      I envision times when I’ll want to head back to my old haunts, just to see how the bandits are doing with their scheme to destroy water pipes today.

      • I’m now imagining bandits discussing the water pipes like pinky and the brain

        generic bandit: “what are we doing tonight boss?

        Bandit leader: “What we do every night… try and take out the water pipes.”

    • Oh yeah, I’ve seen longer for sure. Though not, to be honest, in MMOs, bar one. (Jade Dynasty)

      150 levels + remort + remort into multiple different classes. Ugh.

      *goes back to praying in a puddle of greasy goodness*

  8. I don’t know why they didn’t just make it 100. It’s a nice round number. Twenty more levels won’t make that much of a difference.

    • Yeah thats an interesting point, but 100 is just as arbitrary as 80. they probably wanted it to be longer but feel achievable.

  9. 80 seems like a rather high number to me… I’m really pleased about the linearity of leveling – I’ve been jonesing for something like that since I got sick of leveling in Warhammer – so I have no doubt leveling will be more or less transparent and rather more like stuff you just notch up while pursuing the storyline. This is *exactly* how I like it.

    But, why 80? It just seems so high, lol. Maybe because I’ve never made it even halfway to 80 in other MMOS, but then again their leveling curves are exponential, so there you have it.

    • i honestly wouldn’t have been too much bothered if they went more traditional, but i’m used to the guild wars leveling system so I’m ok with this news.

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