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July 29, 2010 at 2:41 pm | Posted in rpg | 5 Comments
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Maybe I should have just picked up the graphic novel

I bought The Force Unleashed during Steams big summer sale for about 8 bucks, which seemed like a good deal. I didn’t have anything else to play so why not. The actual download took quite a while, and thus rather annoyed me, but once I had everything ready to go I started to get a little more hyped.

The first thing I noticed was that the conversion to PC really sucked. I mean they really just didn’t put in any effort at all. The interface isn’t clickable. A PC game where you can’t use your mouse to interact with the menu. Fine whatever, I’m happy to be playing.

Those first few moments definitely reinforced that. You start the game, with little to no explanation, as Darth Vader, and while I didn’t really like the animation of Vader stalking around in a semi-sorta robotic motion I guess its explainable what with him having two mechanical legs and all. The battle going on around you is big and impressive, TIE fighters zipping around, the sounds of battle, troopers firing blasters. Learning to play with the engine was ok, if somewhat hit or miss.

Unfortunately a few things become clear pretty early on.

There’s not really any clever gameplay going on, you’re just picking stuff up and throwing it, doing some monotonous lightsabre moves, and variously using your force powers.

There’s not a lot of challenge either, the vast majority of enemies do the same things. The hardest part is just learning to properly throw things in the direction you want.

It’s lighter on story so far than I expected. The cut scenes are pretty short.

There’s no real strategy involved. Just fight, fight, fight. So as you may have guessed from the title, I’m bored.

I’m starting to understand why metacritic gives it a 73, and some of the more popular gaming sites put it in the 70’s. The AVClub, one of my favourite sites and usually renowned for their incredibly harsh reviews gave it a 91, but I can’t get on board with that.

The visuals are great, except when they get a little repetitive, the story is okay, the gameplay can be fun at times, but generally is far too repetitive. I still have far to go with the game, but there’s a reason I have the high score on 52 different levels of Peggle Nights, and it’s not because The Force Unleashed is compelling me to play.



  1. I picked up this game for Xbox a few weeks ago. I’d played the demo before it was released and was really looking forward to it, but ended up not buying it because of the disappointing reviews. I ended up getting it finally because of the announced sequel, and I decided for $20 it was worth giving it a shot. So, I was coming into the game with pretty low expectations, which were exceeded.

    I agree with you there’s not a lot of variation in the gameplay, but I was really in the mood for a fairly mindless, high explosive game, so this was right up my alley.

    • if you’re an adventure game fan I can understand liking it, but i guess i didn’t realize adventure games are no longer my thing. I just wanted to play it because it was star wars

  2. Good game good game, always been a SW fan. Check out Mass Effect 2 as well if you have time, I highly recommend it. Mass Effect 1 I’m leaning on avoiding, only because it has some annoying gameplay elements that was thankfully cut in the sequel.

    • Hmmmm? we discussed ME the other days, i’ve played both. nice memory 😛

      • Yea it’s so much fun playing it on renegade!

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