Viddy Well: Sucker Punch

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I like Zack Snyder’s movies. I do. They’re more akin to the types of movies I want to see than what Hollywood normally produces. However there are generally some flaws with the mans work. Take for instance the amazing trailer for Sucker Punch below.

Looks amazing doesn’t it? Most of his films do. I remember watching 300, and for the first half of the film I was awed by the visuals so much I didn’t notice some of the problems. While there is an epic feeling, there is no connection to the characters. Snyder concentrates on how things look, not on good acting or emotional resonance. The 2nd half of 300 sort of starts to crack. The amazing visuals are gone and you’re left with repetitive fight sequences, one liners, macho homo-erotic symbolism, and the emptiness of hollow characterization.

It’s similar with The Watchmen. Reading the comic book, which obviously is a lot more detailed and longer, but I felt more connected to the characters. Malin Akerman is beautiful but not a good enough actress to pull off Silk Spectre. There was a lot of emotion in the comic book and virtually none in the movie.

Getting back to Sucker Punch, it looks good but when I analyze what I’m seeing it seems to be an obvious 14 year old’s wet dream. Hot girls, demons, dragons, guns, war, ninjas, explosions, special effects. I just think he should level up abilities like actor crafting instead of illusion arts.


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