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Less shows about ghosts, more shows about why Intelligent Design is crap

I hate television shows about ghosts. I absolutely loathe them. There is nothing more lame, delusional, or unscientific than these shows. They root themselves in being “scientific” and “experts”. If you take just one half hour of your time and remind yourself ghosts don’t exist while watching a Ghost Hunter like show, you will never watch one of these shows again. The biggest insult? These shows often air on channels that supposedly are meant to educate. Discovery channel ran “Ghosthunters”, and plenty of other educational channels run similar paranormal based programming.

All of that has nothing to do with me not being able to find a copy of Guild Wars: Ghosts Of Ascalon on a shelf at any of the book shops I’ve hunted around.

There are none in my suburb of Halifax, but the next closest suburb has 2 across the street from one another. I checked the first, no copies, so I had to go across the street anyway to see if the magazine shop sells the British PC Gamer with the Guild Wars 2 feature (they do, but it comes a month late, and it costs $27 so no thank you) so I zipped over and no luck. Disappointment.

Today I went in to the big box store, a bit further away not expecting anything different. Unfortunately all of the chain book stores in this province are owned by the same company. Therefore, the same inventories, and the same mistakes. While the book is known to their intra-store internet, it wasn’t ordered. You can’t get it anywhere in Nova Scotia. 2 box stores, one mini-box store, and at least 5 chain outlets I can think of off the top of my head, none of them ordered it. “Come back next week, maybe its just late,” I was told.

In a last ditch effort I went to the one independent book store I know of that hasn’t closed, got harassed by some mormons, honked at by jerks, and still nothing.

I take this as a lesson. I’ve yet to decide whether to just order it online and wait, but for the next book I certainly will be. I suppose I should have spoke up, asked the book store to order it in, been vocal about it. People wonder why book stores are failing. Probably because corporations don’t anticipate what the customers want anymore, its all dictated from the top instead of the people on the store floors.

Anybody else having trouble picking it up? I’m sure I’m alone in this. I wasn’t really expecting a problem.



  1. As far as I know it was only North America and Europe. That leaves us Australians were we belong, out the back of no where with our own beer.
    I am glad to hear that you have the same issues with your local stores. To me it’s proven to be such a waste of time that I do most of my nerd shopping online. There just aren’t enough nerds around the normal population to make stores actually stock what I like. It’s all about TV shows, drugs, and work at my stores…
    Thats why I like the internet its such a techno barrier to the normal population that the nerd concentration is much much higher. I like it.

    • Nerds are more numerous than people think, but I really should use the internet to buy more stuff.

  2. There were only two copies at my local Barnes & Noble, so I managed to snag one last night, but if there hadn’t been, I would have turned to Amazon for the next book.

    • if i knew a little more about their shipping times I’d buy from amazon right now.

  3. I’m going to hazard a guess and say, Chapters? Yeah they suck when it comes to stock for anything that’s not “mainstream”…I had it a little better being in Toronto, being a big city and all, the stores are usually better stocked than the ones uptown.

    Ironically, I just checked and saw GoA has a Kindle version available. I could be reading it in seconds if I wanted, but the book I did want, Fatal Allliance, still doesn’t have a kindle edition. I kinda foresaw this, so on release day I actually just went and bought a hard copy. Only because it’s Star Wars, I can justify it.

    • Oh haha, I just checked my email and saw the message you sent me. I guess my comment answered your question…i can’t believe they don’t have an ebook for that. It’s so weird with Del Rey, sometimes their Star Wars books get ebook editions, sometimes not, or they take a long time.

      • i saw your comment and it answered my questions so perfectly i assumed you read it. kinda funny.

    • Yeah chapters, coles, and indigo spirit which are all owned by the same company. you’d think some stores would focus on filling a gap the others weren’t or something but heck no.

      I saw that FA was in hardcover, but del rey are bastards about releasing books in HC for star wars. Their most recent 9 book series is all being released in HC, and instead of the normal 6 month waiting period for a paperback the vast majority of book companies do, its 1 year to wait for PB. If they weren’t such A holes about it i’d consider getting it, but i’m protesting.

      As for getting an ebook, amazon is dropping the price of their kindle but for me, it would take too long to justify the cost of buying one, especially when i prefer books, and by the time i’d paid it off, they’d be selling some fancy new one and i’d have to get that… I’m just not into gadgets, as fun looking as iphones and ipads are they’re really extravagant and insanely unnecessary in my mind.

      oh, I’ve been reading a star wars free ebook series called uhm…. googling… lost tribe of the sith. it starts out 1000 years before kotor and ends up interacting with a couple of recent star wars novels Crosscurrents and Fate of the Jedi: Omen

      anyway, its good.

      • Yeah, I downloaded that. Haven’t read it yet, but I’m saving it for a later date.

  4. I went to the local Borders, they had a few copies on a stand next to the customer service. More than I expected, actually. Although, if you log in to Amazon, the “preview” they give you is like 95% of the book, with a few random pages missing.

    • oh really? well i’d better not spoil myself by checking out that preview. I can wait a week.

  5. Dear Shaun,

    The following item(s) that you recently ordered from us have now shipped

    Order Number: #1009517:

    Title: Guild Wars: Ghosts Of Ascalon (9781416589471)


    • I could order mine now and still get it before you in australia. win.

  6. I had to drive over an hour into the city to pick it up because the indie book shop around here wasn’t checking their e-mail. I usually try to order from them and they can get my book in within a week, and I gave them a week and a half notice that I wanted GoA but I didn’t hear a peep out of them.

    I ended up in Barnes & Noble and finally found two copies (one badly mangled) lurking at the bottom corner of the ‘new science fiction’ section. They had another copy (making 3 in total) hidden in the game books section between two hulking strategy guides about God of War and Halo. Nevermind Gh should come before Go.

    I had three other books I really wanted as well, a trilogy starting with “The Phoenix Unchained”. The first store didn’t have it but when I went to their sister store on the other side of the city inside a mall I was only able to find the first one (and bought it, going to need something after I devour GoA in record time). I also managed to find the new Star Craft II for my husband.

    This concludes Tiger’s fantastical trip to the city.

    • I don’t know how book chains survive with this nonsense.

      Its a 15-20 minute drive to the closest book store for me and 30 minute drive to the box store, and 40 minute drive to the closest independent store. weird how our positions are sort of reversed.

  7. I got my copy really cheap from

    They do free shipping all over the place to maybe check it out. I checked right now and they are out of stock but they are usually good at getting back into stock.

    • i doubt they do free shipping overseas but thanks for the suggestion, i already bought my copy

      • Thought Id mention it just in case. I’m waiting to read mine after I finish Lord of Emperors by Guy Gavriel Kay, which is really really making me wishing for chariot racing in mmorpgs.

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