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Yip Yip

I want a mount. We all do don’t we? I know Guild Wars and apparently Guild Wars 2 makes traveling pretty easy. In fact its awesome that way. I don’t want them to change that at all. Mounts aren’t necessarily about getting somewhere fast.

They’re just another way of having a pet. In real life, pets are kind of popular. Believe it or not. People humanize them and assign traits and personalities to them even if they’re just imagining that cat is indifferent and sarcastic or that dog is lovable and likes wearing sweater vests.

It should be no surprise then that people want a mount in their video games. They can haul it out, get attached to it, name it. Some may even clamour for the ability to feed and take care of it, fight with their mount by their side, or upgrade it in some way, perhaps with horse armour that costs real money.

It is a side product in most games that it allows quick and easy travel, increasing your speed by as much as 70% in some games.

Do I love my Berhu in Runes of Magic because he allows me to travel 65% faster? I could just purchase transport runes, mark heavily used spots, and transport instantly. No, I love him because he is white, and fluffy, and I want to give him a big hug. Also he reminds me of Appa.

So when I see various references to mounts, I get hopeful. Check out these quotes.

We have points within the map for movement, but mounts… I’m going to have to cop out and say, “Under discussion.” – Jeff Grubb

We are not really ready to talk about mounts right now.

Obviously if there were no plans for mounts whatsoever, if it wasn’t at least an issue, they’d deny it outright. There aren’t going to be secondaries, bang, announced. There are no longer any companions, boom, we all know this.

Not to mention there is some mention of an activity that is much like polo, and polo as we all know is on horseback. Also, the following art.

Released with the activities information

In a universe where you can map travel freely to get anywhere you need to go, what would a Guild Wars 2 mount do?

It probably doesn’t move very fast, otherwise why have you put all this work and effort into the map travel and asura gates? I’d assume there is some speed buff but no bigger than most sweet items, or running stances.

You can’t have it be too similar to pets, you don’t want to compromise the playability of the ranger. So it can’t fight, or have most of the same functionality as pets.

To avoid exploits it probably wouldn’t be usable in dungeons or instances of most kinds. In fact you would probably be knocked from your mount if you take some threshold of damage.

You’d probably need some kind of casting time to bring out that mount too, to keep people from running away like cowards easily.

What does that leave us with? Aesthetics mostly. To which I say yay. Arenanet are pretty good with aesthetics. The emphasis would have to be on looking good. There are few other benefits that might be helpful. Perhaps storage packs for the animal, the ability to allow more than one rider, the ability to name it, and if you can’t customize your pets to look the way you want, then why not your mount? The last option alone would be more than enough to please most mount fans.

I'm on a beetle

Arenanet, at least as far as Guild Wars has suggested, might have other options. If I were to add mounts to the GWO (Guild Wars Original) it would be a simple matter of somehow combining a tonic and a sweet effect. Drink one of these potions and suddenly it would look as though you were riding along on a, lets say, beetle while under the influence of a speed buff.

Just what the heck are some of those beasts and why don't we see them outside of domestication?

What kind of mounts would the lore already suggest? Wurms are one obvious mount. Swallowing you whole in the desolation and transporting you where you need to go. We’ve all turned into beetles for the racing. Personally I’ve always wanted to get on Toma. Centaurs might take some umbrage at being ridden. There are of course, Yaks, Dolyaks, and other Stone Summit beasts.

So will there be mounts in Guild Wars 2? I don’t know. It’s entirely possible, but we already have a fairly unique and extensive traveling system. If they decide to add it, it won’t be to make getting around easier. It’ll be because mounts are inherently awesome and the fans demand it.


  1. Mounts would be great. It feels weird when I play a game without them. Case in point, I was playing STO earlier, doing a quest that required a lot of running, and I found myself reaching to click the non-existent mount button. It’s become ingrained in me now, and unless there’s a reason in canon that makes it questionable to implement (like in STO’s case) I don’t see why not. The lore of GW2 shouldn’t have those restrictions, no?

    • I’m with you, i honestly think it might be foolish to outright dismiss having mounts simply because their transportation systems are pretty good.

      in fact, I would say theres plenty of evidence in lore for mounts, at least when it comes to dwarves riding stuff.

  2. Mounts would be fun. I can see them used as status items and strictly for out-of-combat use only. I agree with your idea of speed boosts. They’ve already said the world will be really, really big. The asura gates make for instant travel, but you still have to walk everywhere otherwise. What about people who don’t want to use the asura gates or pay the (arguably) negligible price for their use?

    Mounts would make a great gold sink as well. Enable customization, rare mounts, etc. People would pay in game gold for them as well as cash through the GW store. I don’t really see a reason to have them other than player demand. Their purpose in game seems unnecessary. All the more reason to have them. The people that want them will use them and the people that don’t, won’t. Asura gates work just fine 🙂

    My thoughts on mounts? Yes, please!

    • its been proven pretty solidly that people will pay a good amount of money for a mount. $10 or $25 even. I wouldn’t pay that much personally and I hope they don’t do that, but, it would be quite a money maker for them.

  3. At first I was all for mounts, in WOW it was such a pain to not have a mount.
    However, now that we have flying mounts I have noticed something else too. It makes vast lands seem both tiny and irrelevant. One click of the button and exploration becomes just a matter of flying zig zig across the map.
    It compresses the map, and makes it seem small. There’s no vast distances to explore, nothing hiding around that next corner. I didn’t like that feeling.
    I don’t mind mounts that are just for looks, and perhaps a little bit faster but anything else no thanks unless your land is full of empty spaces I don’t wont to be.

    • they’ve pretty much said no flying in guild wars 2, that’s why they went underwater.

  4. WTB high horse.

    • I see a charr ranger with 3x big cat pets + frequent use of Alpha Strike in your future.

    • so you can get off of it?

      • Hurrrrrr. I would defend it to the death, but it’s too easy to be knocked off 😉

  5. I personally wouldn’t be against mounted combat in guild wars and I think that there are a few ways to implement it without it going out of balence.

    • Wheee no edit feature…
      Anyway… One way I think mounted combat would be cool is if your first five skill switched to mounted skills one of which is and out of combat speed buff and the other which is an in combat sprint. The first three skills would be noticeably weaker than the normal on ground skills… RP reason being that it is harder to fight from a horse than from your own two feet. The game play reason would be of course you want most people to be on the ground in battle…

      Ultimately while I think mounts would be cool in guild wars I think that if anet wants to implement them then they will be purely cosmetic otherwise GWC players will probably start complaining that GW is becoming too much like WOW.

      • its GWO on this blog shongaqu.:P

        thats an interesting take on mounted combat, definitely how anet would go about it if they wanted to do so.

      • That sort of mounted combat could work actually.

  6. I’m liking the mount ideas here. Have them rather limited in speed and use, but make them somewhat customized through harness colors and decorative armor pieces.

    Shongaqu’s mounted combat could work, but I get the feeling mounts, if added, won’t be available in combat. Too many new animations required and mods to the combat engine. Maybe in Factions 2 or Nightfall 2. 🙂

    I still think they need to add a command to switch between run and walk. The same with adding musical instruments. They are minor things that help build a sense of immersion in the game world. Walking works great in Aion, for instance, the female toons would walk around to show off their latest outfits and armor. And LotRO’s music playing is lots of fun.

    • i loved musical instruments in lotro, i don’t understand why more games don’t put in some functionality like that. I don’t care about walking, but in general lets hope they don’t forget the little touches.

  7. I think they will be used only in special events or quests or minigames.

    • yeah thats a strong possibility eran, although I think we’d all like to see otherwise.

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  11. Mounts are nice, and it may make sense for GW2 what with it having an actual persistent world like WoW or RoM. On the other hand from what I’ve read travel is still instantaneous like it is now with map traveling, and I really see no point to it unless it’s actually utilized in combat. Personally, I’d rather not have mounts in game if it’s just nothing more than a status symbol that you can ride on and park in the middle of a busy city so others can gaze in awe at your complete idiocy.

    • I’ve never really been offended by status symbols like that. RoM released a horse that cost $60 and sure enough people got it right away. They rode it around everywhere but they weren’t obnoxious about it, they were just travelling on their new mount.

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  13. I love mounts (only terrestrial), and i always think that travel with them trough the environment it’s very nice.

    • its in doubt whether we’ll have mounts, I think they’d be an excellent addition, at least cosmetically.

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