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Agarth - Fateweaver

I dislike websites that make you do things. Like play music or video without asking you if you want to play music or video. Politely, it’s intrusive. Impolitely it’s dickish. Unfortunately that’s what I got when I went to see Amalur’s website.

I don’t know if the website is new and therefore getting heavy traffic but it was loading pretty slowly. In any case I looked through the limited content of the site and found some pretty impressive screenshots and concept art.

The limited selection I had to look at reminded me of McFarlane’s talent, I really like the art direction so far, maybe not the cinematic trailer, but otherwise. Coupled with Salvatore’s writing it seems like a good combination, although I admit with little else to go on it’s hard to get hyped for the game.

One new thing I noticed was Ken Rolston is working on the game. He was on Oblivion and Morrowind. That bodes well right? Still, awful lot of boding and not enough showing.

This is a screenshot of a mountain troll



  1. This game looks like it can be good and I want to get excited about this, but I just can’t get over how generic it looks.

    • I agree.

    • true, but i think it looks good. it could be generic and ugly, the above ss is generic and kind of awesome (aside from the oversized weapon)

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