Quoted For Truth: Grubb At Comic Con

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With every big announcement about Guild Wars 2 comes a torrent of interviews. I usually try to pick out interesting quotes and provide commentary. In this case I caught an interview Massively had with Jeff Grubb via my RSS feed. Grubb is the co-author of Ghosts of Ascalon but he works as a game designer/writer for Arenanet.

I think this one will be pretty short, but here we go.

Word on testing.

Have you shown demos before that are strictly industry and not public?

We’ve shown it to other members of our sister companies, people from NCsoft and Paragon have been playing it, and we are going to have some people we’re inviting in-house early, I think next week.

Curse you NCSoft. Dangling knowledge of testing before my eyes. Damn you to hell.

Here’s a little more about the variations in occurrence of events.

There may be ones that are on a relatively short time period, there may be ones that are like Easter eggs, some that will only show up at night, and some that will only show up during the day

Not exactly new information but sort of makes it sound like there’s more variance than I had thought.

Please insert lame pun about losing your head here

A little bit about the books.

The second one is Edge of Destiny by J. Robert King, and that’s going to be released at the end of the year. We’ve just seen the copy edit come in, and Rob just did a fantastic job. And the third book, we aren’t ready to talk about yet. We’re still working on that one; it’s still being written.

It looks like that possible placeholder date in late December isn’t much of a placeholder.

We are currently in the process of revealing those on the website, and there should be one more revealed before we go live at GamesCom and PAX. Before Cologne, before PAX, we’ll know a fourth.

Once I saw that the ranger was released a week before Comic Con, it made sense they’d release a 4th a week before Games Com. The obvious date to look forward to would be the 11th of August, a Wednesday, 7 days before Games Com.

This actually reminds me of another point I didn’t make in myMesmer or Assassin post. There are now 2 ranged and one melee professions known, perhaps the 4th will be another melee. Or as much of a melee character as the assassin will be since it’ll probably be meant to shadowstep everywhere but thats a whole other post.


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