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I do like me some trailers, whether they be game and or movie related. Which is why first up is the new Tron trailer.

While there are some cool elements to the trailer, I don’t like seeing Olivia Wilde in a terrible wig. The younger CGI’d Bridges crosses some sort of uncanny valley with me too, unnatural.

I don’t own a console so I won’t be playing Shattered Dimensions, however, my Spiderman fandom has at times eclipsed my love of Star Wars, so checking out this trailer was kind of awesome. I collected the original Spiderman 2099 comic for instance, I’m not sure how many people can say that. Boy did that 2099 line ever get poorly written after the first 6 months.

I want to show a couple trailers that don’t show any game play. One I think is really effective, the other I think is extremely uneffective. Decide for yourself which is which.

Alice: Madness Returns


Although the following trailer definitely doesn’t show any gameplay, its probably one of the best things I’ve seen come out of Comic Con. I think they realized they had to do something big and expensive and eye grabbing for DCUO.

Who do you trust?

Continuing the trend of trailers using more concept art, or in this case comics, to tell a cool story in their trailers is Infamous 2.

I thought there was a new Green Hornet trailer coming out but couldn’t find it. Plus some kind of Pirates trailer or something. Anyway, good stuff.



  1. DCUO WDYT trailer was more like a short film…amazing, but I would have liked it even more if I cared about more DC characters than Supes, WW and Harley Quinn. Gotta say, I got a kick out of Green Arrow (at least I think that’s him) lying unconscious right at the beginning. I don’t like him at all.

    • that is quite the grudge against green arrow, what did he ever do to you? mark hamil as the joker is awesome.

      • Green Arrow is just a poor man’s Batman…seriously 😛

  2. I believe GW2 people have done their bit for this show yes? Just a tad disappointing.

    • meh. i’m willing to accept what they give when they give it. its their game and their decision.

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