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I’ve been waiting on the the new trailer for the 38 studios RPG project. This isn’t the MMO they’ve been working on known as Copernicus but the RPG that takes place in the same universe. I’ve been following the studio in bits and pieces waiting for anything solid to look at, and I still don’t have that, but it’s an okay trailer.

I’m not interested in StarCraft at all. Real Time Strategy was never really my thing. This is one hell of a trailer though.

This trailer is actually from E3, but I missed it. They released another at Comic Con but I like this one more. Even though the other one has zombies.

There’s supposedly a new cinematic for DC Universe Online coming up so expect more trailers tomorrow.



  1. Not too many impressions on the newly announced Kingdoms of Amalur, and I’m surprised I haven’t heard more buzz considering it’s been a day or two already. I think everyone is just still waiting to see what’s coming.

    • I’ve seen a couple reactions, but yeah, I agree. theres too little information to go on so people are waiting it out.

  2. The trailer was totaly generic and boring; very underwhelming so far… may as well not have announced anything. KoA that is.

    Though you may not like SC2; its the focus of everyone right now. Is its sales going to astronomical? Or is it going to reflect the fact that its just a rehash and not an MMO? Or is the fact they own WOW going to make it huge? They havent touched the co-op side of the game which remains just a comp stomp; very unimaginative. The pro side is all set but can they bring in non-pros and still sell the game? Is it going to be as big as wows first days?
    Personally, I am getting it as it’s blizzard but I am not that excited about it. I’ll get a few weeks playing comp stomp with my friends and completing the single player (passing on all those stupid maps that force me to use just a couple of units) and then itll be done.

    • yeah I thought it was pretty generic too. there was one slight thing of interest, it seems to imply that there is a lore explanation for respawning in the narration. but that could be reading too much into it.

      I’m not going to buy sc2. it just looks like any other rts with better graphics. and a sweet trailer.

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