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With every big announcement about Guild Wars 2 comes a torrent of interviews. I usually try to pick out interesting quotes and provide commentary. In this case a Polish website, LiveSpot, has an interview that involves some non-specific topics.

Here’s a translation courtesy of Edge on the Guild Wars 2 Guru forums. Thanks dude.

The first thing of note revolves around the marketplace/auction house.

A player will be able to see something along the lines of a history of past trades, and so will also be able to see the past prices of items, what they were sold for. We’re also planning to organize a list of “interested buyers” for items – a player can offer a sum of money and post information for what they are looking for.

I believe we already knew most of this, I’m just happy about having some basic economic options. One of which is offering money for specific things, which I think its pretty awesome.

Buildings in Guild Wars tend to look as though smurfs live inside them, so again while we knew most of this, its good to hear.

Players will be able to visit the inside of buildings on a large scale. The game will be full of tasks that are done in buildings or partly done in some buildings. But lets not look here only at visiting them. Many of the key moments will take place inside buildings. For example, in the players storyline, they will be able to:
• Leave traps in the jails of Divinity’s Reach to crush the plans of a crazed criminal.
• Jump into a burning orphanage in order to save children trapped inside.
• Break into a house of a shady character, that will turn out to be more suspicious then originally thought to be.

I’m thinking the trap left in the jail is more a set-piece rather than a ranger trap. The crazed criminal I believe is a new example of story while the other 2 examples aren’t.

There has been some debate as to targeting and how it works, and here’s some more insight.

Each time you use a skill, that skill will find a way to be activated. If you don’t have a target selected, the game will automatically look for a target for that skill. In the case of close range, if there won’t be anything that we will be able to attack, the skill will hit somewhere away from the player, or it could hit something like a wall.

I don’t think that really solidly answers all my questions about targeting but its another piece to the puzzle.

Anyway, quick, easy interview with not much new, but I thought I’d post it.

A tavern, but big enough for a bar brawl? I don't think so


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