Beyond War In Kryta

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She doesn't look like the type to torture kittens does she? But torture kittens she does

After you beat The Battle For Lion’s Arch, there’s a speech, some random conversation, and a dialogue you can view in the Eye of the North. A few things change.

If you don’t have a Wanted quest in your log, the peacekeepers disappear. Evennia who had left to request aid from King Adelbern (the same maniac we hear in Guild Wars 2 lore unleashed the Ghosts of Ascalon) goes missing. You can see her standing in the vicinity of the White Mantles NPC outside Ascalon City after Captain Langmar arrives in Lion’s Arch. But not for long.

Those Medals of Honor finally have a use. You can trade them in, 10 a pop, for a unique weapon or some nice skinned gold weapons. Oppressor weapons and Commemorative weapons.

The interesting bits involve Lt. Thackeray and Captain Langmar, who apparently after getting cornered, jumped from a cliff into Lesser Giant’s Basin. Langmar’s corpse is recovered but Thackeray is missing north of the basin, and surprise surprise, Gwen is crying about him. Again.

I’ve been wondering what the next storyline of Guild Wars Beyond was going to be. When I first heard of GWB my first thought was a campaign in Tyria, then another continent, and then another.

However it makes more sense to concentrate on areas we’ll see in Guild Wars 2. Eye of the North areas, Ascalon, etc. The storyline seem to be leading there at the very least. The next likely storyline to wrap up after getting rid of the White Mantle, is the charr invasion of Ascalon. King Adelbern is an old man, to unleash Foefire before he dies, he’s going to have to do it relatively soon.

I admit its pretty unlikely we’ll actually see it happen, but everything leading up to it? Setting the stage for the actual event? That could happen.

Another matter is, how soon will we see it? How long of a break will it be before we start seeing propaganda posters pop up at the next convention? Okay so maybe they’ll try a different way to get our attention, but what will that be?

Any other long standing storylines that could use some closure? The Kurzick/Luxon war perhaps?

Where ever this is going to go, I’m on board. They hooked me with the viral campaign, added a decent amount of content even if it was somewhat slow to come, and told a fairly good story. Just…. stop making Gwen cry. It’s getting old. I want angry Gwen!



  1. You mentioned propaganda at a con? Well, ANet is at Comic-Con…which just started. Perhaps we will see something in the upcoming days…

    • I had the same thought but I’m thinking it could be too soon to hope for more. lots of conventions coming up though, so we’ll see I guess

  2. I’m sorry, but I about pissed myself when I read your image text about torturing kittens. It pretty much made my day. 🙂

    • No i’m sorry. This blog should never be used for evil, like nearly making people piss themselves. 😛

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