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I hope there's Moa meat consumables of some type in Guild Wars 2

With every major release of information about Guild Wars 2, Arenanet follows it up on their blog. They try to release a few new details, address the questions of paranoid schizophrenics and people who never bothered to read the original article, and generally calm the frenzied masses. This week it’s all about rangers. I’ve sort of been waiting for this one.

As usual the article starts off by answering questions I’m not sure anyone asked. Check this brain stumper out.

Q: Is Hunter’s Call activated by the warhorn?

Eric: Yes. Hunter’s Call is a warhorn skill that summons a trio of hawks to attack the targeted enemy.

My question to whomever posed that hard hitting question would be, do you have fleshy round globules embedded in the forward portion of your face area that interpret the visual spectrum of light? If so, try using them some time. It’s plain as day in that video.

Here’s a question about something that was a little more ambiguous.

Q: Was the torch used during the creation of Sun Spirit in the Spread Shot skill video, and is it necessary for activating this skill?

Eric: The skill seen in the Spread Shot video is not Sun Spirit; it’s actually a torch skill called Bonfire. The Bonfire skill creates a persistent fiery location at the targeted location, whereas Sun Spirit summons a spirit that buffs all allies in a certain radius.

Okay I admit I guessed that the bonfire was in fact Sun Spirit because Sun Spirit is said to allow players to do fire damage. Because it was stationary multiple commenters figured it for a trap. We were both wrong.

Here’s some more drama about whether or not you have to use a pet.

A ranger could choose to mostly ignore his pet and leave it on “auto-pilot” so to speak and still be very effective, but a ranger who doesn’t even have a pet out will be a good deal less effective than one who does. There are many other professions in Guild Wars 2 that have effective ranged damage or ranged utility like the ranger for players who don’t want to use a pet.

I’ve talked about this a couple times, but I think that was in the comment section. Officially I’m going to say choice is a lot better than no choice. Unofficially its not a big issue with me.

Q: Are ranger preparations from Guild Wars returning in Guild Wars 2?

Eric: Yes. Preparations are utility skills.

When I was trying to predict the mechanics of the new ranger, I essentially said preparations make sense for bows, but much less sense for rifles. Rifles are not a ranger weapon so I’m taking this one as a win.

Here’s some interesting info.

Q: Do arrows in Guild Wars 2 work similar to how they do in Guild Wars, where they can be dodged, because they follow a straight trajectory?

Eric: There are some projectiles in the game which cannot be dodged because they auto track to their target. Auto tracking projectiles are a minority case, however, so it’s true that most projectiles can be dodged as they were in Guild Wars.

Do we get heat-seeking tomahawk missles? I recall at one point they used an example of someone firing an arrow, it bouncing off the target and returning to sender with replenishing health. So yeah. Both dodging and not dodging.

Q: Can several rangers deploy the same trap or spirit at the same time, and if so, are their effects cumulative?

Eric: Yes, they can. Whether or not the effect stacks depends entirely upon the effect in question. For example, multiple traps that apply bleeding would stack (up to the bleed stack limit), whereas multiple traps that cause blindness (a condition that causes the target’s next attack to miss) would not really stack.

Amazing, people are already trying to figure out how to game traps for Zaishen Challenge farming.

Q: Will we be able to add armors to pets, dress them up, add decorative items, or even dye them?

Eric: No. Pets do not have armor slots and cannot be dyed. If you want a different variety of pet, you can always go find and capture one. For example, if I want a black bear instead of a polar bear, I can always go tame a black bear.

Enh. This is more of the sort of thing I was hoping for with pets. Customization. Their solution is go out and get a different colored bear. Thanks for that.

Q: I thought I heard a naughty word in the Barrage video after the female ranger asks her party if they heard something. Is this a voice-over slip?

Eric: No, that’s a moa sound you hear in the video. As you can see and hear below, the sound is actually a cross between leopard, walrus, and bird. It’s 100% profanity free!

You know I had to go back and see what they’re talking about. It sort of sounds like “oh shit” but its not something I had noticed at all.

And that is your follow up follow up!

This sylvari woman looks pretty cool


  1. “whereas multiple traps that cause blindness (a condition that causes the target’s next attack to miss)”
    AH HA! Guess that clears that up, so blind will be a one shot miss then end. At least thats how I interpret “next attack” seems like pretty specific language to me.

    • Agree with you Matt, when your out and about by yourself with a bar you cannot really control much you cant have people stacking conditions like you do in GW.
      A lot of things like this are going to be toned down (read WOW’ed).

      • oh i don’t know, since you’re self healing i think you might.

    • Q: Can you use shortbows on the move? How about longbows?

      Eric: Shortbows are lightweight and mobile, so you can use them and skills like Spread Shot on the move. Longbows are more static, but they have a longer range and are more powerful, so you can use skills like Barrage with them.

      Haha called it! Barrage is a longbow skill.

      Q: In the Whirling Defense skill video, what is deflected? Projectile spells or ranged attacks? And is Whiling Defense a stance or more of a channeled ability?

      Eric: Anything that is designated as a blockable projectile can be deflected with Whirling Defense, which is a channeled ability. This includes things such as arrows, bullets, and fireballs.

      Well I guess that answers that question. Interesting that it is a channeled skill.

      • yeah i figured that would be the case with barrage.

        i hope they have more info on channeled abilities soon.

  2. Hey, I was the one that asked the ‘holy shit’ question. I honestly didn’t think it would be in the QnA, I was just saying it as something humorous and wondering if it was an accident.

    • i’m surprised you even noticed it really. its pretty hard to hear

  3. I must say that moa has some NICE drumsticks.

    • they could add a secret recipe and make it addictive to eat.

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