The Battle for Lion’s Arch

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Fight and you may die, run and you may live, for at least a while. And dying in your beds many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell the Mursaat that they may take our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom.

It has been a long time coming. It started in Kryta but with a few leaflets spread out amongst the people. It grew into a propaganda war, and then a recruitment drive, and camps were set up, mercenaries were hired, thugs roamed the lands, and now that victory nears, one final battle that will determine the fate of Kryta for generations.

After I finished Mustering A Response (part 2), I waited around to recruit a few companions into helping me out. I never could quite meet up with my adventuring group and eventually gave up on it. While I was waiting, I heard disheartening things. Multiple attempts, marathon energy management, relentless mobs, consumables recommended. The enemy at the gates was formidable.


One day though I ended up helping a new adventuring buddy through Temple of the Intolerable and Mustering A Response. It only made sense with her, me, and another new buddy, to continue on to The Battle For Lion’s Arch.

The group size is 6, so after hearing about some of the difficulty I got a little intimidated. We ended up rolling with 2 monks (1 a hero), my AoE fire build (I really have to stop using it so often) an Imbagon (Imbalanced Paragon) friend of our Warrior and a Minion Master hero.

We gathered and waited for night to fall, not realizing the full brunt of the oncoming attack.

The last time I had visited Lion’s Arch at night was perhaps last Halloween, or the year before. In any case we made for the main gate, readied ourselves for the onslaught, and gave the signal.

The ranks of the White Mantle ready for battle

At first everything went well. Instead of taking any chances we consumed Grail of Might, Essence of Celerity, Armour of Salvation and other magical potions and foods. We summoned an asuran ally, one of their mighty golems.

The Area of Effect spells coupled with a Warrior and minions keeping enemies in place, not to mention the large numbers of enemies, kept the White Mantle busy as they poured through the gate into our waiting trap.

The first several groups were no match for us, my fire spells in particular were impressively effective. Only when numerous assassins spawned in the midst of battle did my nerves begin to fray. Their arrival while short lived, told me that our enemies had more up their sleeves than simply throwing cannon fodder at us.

Soon Toriimo The Torch charged through the gates. Under his leadership the White Mantle tormented many innocents in his search for the Shining Blade. Well he found us, and then found his end far too quickly for all the pain he caused. Before long, the last White Mantle leader alive, Confessor Isaiah finally showed his cowardly face. The fool had grown weak since his time as a Justiciar. Thus ended the era of the White Mantle, but did not end the battle. Though few human followers ventured forth afterward, we knew they were not the entirety of the forces we had to face.

“That’s the halfway point” our paragon yelled out. My heart sank, but I did not lay up my arms. I knew what would come next. The Jade Constructs. The Mursaat have golems of their own.

A Jade Cloak, a more recent addition to Mursaat forces and more powerful then their brothers

Though the humans came in fewer numbers and died quickly, the Jades grew in number, taking longer and longer to defeat. My faith in elemental damage began to waver but it was still effective. The minion master also struggled to find corpses to raise his undead army.

My own prone form was likely fodder at one point, as we were pressed back.

The battle lines moved back and forth. During a moment of respite we used more magical foods. A Powerstone, Rock Candy, I even had a moment to sit down and eat a Birthday Cupcake.

They were never far though, the Jades. They were out there. They can’t be bargained with. They can’t be reasoned with. They don’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And they absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.

Lucent the Spectral appeared and he did not phase us. Cowards always send the weakest to the slaughter first. They did not send him alone however and I was stunned to see constructs I had once thought destroyed. The Perfected Armour I personally laid waste to when the Mursaat marched on Thunderhead Keep must have been repaired or perhaps even a new more powerful version created. It wasn’t the only one. Behind it in came the Perfected Cloak. If I thought the battle had been intense so far, I was wrong.

The PA overran our positions consistently knocking me to the ground with its hammer. He was too powerful to ignore and quickly gained our full attention, but after he was defeated the PC was no slouch. While we were trying to take out his allies he set off a Healing Spring which countered our efforts. We overcame them but still more poured through the gate.

With more and more constructs my elemental damage may as well have been papercuts. The Jades were particularly resistant. The battle moved slowly.

Oizys the Miserable and two powerful Jade Constructs Cairn The Vengeful, and Cairn The Malignant came to do business and we were pressed further and further back. The battle took us to the steps of the keep, but we did not waver. Again we pushed back. The asura people have many clever inventions the not the least of which is Pain Inverter.

More waves of Jades and each one took particular focused effort to defeat.

Intelligence had suggested only a few Mursaat remained, but finally in the last wave two more arrived. One of which was according to Dinas the “pet physician” of the other. Fantastic I thought, a Mursaat monk. Just what I wanted to hear.

No human cannon fodder remained either. Only the constructs came forth. Things had become quite difficult, yet there was one stroke of luck.

The final enemy group didn’t seem to know what the hell they were doing. Talios the Resplendent and Ambrillus the Guardian, his doctor, didn’t seem to have any idea where we were keeping Salma or what to do after entering the city. Perhaps it had been too long since they’d been in battle.

Although I had to constantly dodge back and forth to avoid their own Area of Effect attacks, tripping over bodies and loot as I went, had no energy to put up much offense, and only very slowly whittled down the health of the various constructs, we slowly made headway against them. They didn’t have any direction and we could pick them off one by one. Finally only the monk remained and although only the monks of the Mursaat genuinely give me pause, he too fell in time.

I think our protection monk bore much of the credit for keeping us alive through such a trying battle. The Imbagon though, might receive credit for allowing her to work with ease, and our warrior I think was the one who kept the monk busy while we killed his allies.

All in all a hard fought victory and a great end to the War in Kryta.

A strangely pristine Lion's Arch only days after the battle



  1. What a fantastic account! I don’t think my own account would be anywhere near as colorful, but you’ve inspired me to put in my own 2 cents 🙂

    • ahhh cool. Yeah I keep trying to improve my narration in writing, it gets better over time I think.

      Is the monk the hero in your version?

    • Yea I have to say that I’ve played GW for a long time and the only time I ever felt that kind of rush and sense of urgency was in Hell’s Precipice back in the day. Oddly enough I used the same warrior I did and even hundred blades was on my bar when we did it.

      • really only twice? i remember thunderhead keep, my first time through DoA, when i completed fissure of woe, gates of madness, the dunes of despair bonus, the gyala hatchery bonus in HM, the tahnakai temple bonus in hm and nm. well, lots of stuff.

        • Yea, I don’t remember getting a lot of pressure from those missions, this is the first one in a long time where it really pushes you on the ropes.

          • who’s memory is poor now? hmmm?

  2. Awesome write-up of the experience! I have been engaged in away-from-the-computer activities and haven’t had the time to make a date with destiny just yet, but you had me on the edge of my seat. Can’t wait to wade in there myself.

    • i hope i didn’t spoil anything for you, glad you enjoyed it

  3. A good group is a MM, a melee tank-type, a Monk healer, a Rit healer, a nuker, and myself, a SOS Rit. My variation goes 16 Channeling, 13 Resto, and 4 Spawning. Signet Of Spirits, Bloodsong, Vampirism, Pain Inverter, Spirit Burn, Summon Spirits, Painful Bond, and Spiritleech Aura.

    • thats very detailed bargamer, thanks. I wouldn’t rule out a prot monk thought because at times I was taking no damage even while getting wailed on.

  4. YAY! You deed eet!

    Nao remember you can mooch off people who need to do it so you can do it again! WHEEE!


    Also, N/Rt healer is crazygood in BLA… my poor monk, I think I’m going to heal BLA as a N/Rt from now on.

    So many things are dying all the time that you can run a Resto + Communing spirit bar with heals, and never fall below 10e. O.o Imba Soul Reaping ftw!

    (Even with a necro, I’ve never been able to run dual communing/resto before w/o running out of energy.)

    • I figure I might do it on another character, no mooching needed.

      • TBH ‘mooching’ is one of the things that makes this a brilliant finale.

        ArenaNet obviously thought about WHEN the content should be gated – and the ability to mooch, as long as you have Lion’s Arch open means that:

        a) People who aren’t at the same point can help guildies/friends/whatever
        b) People who love the battle can then ‘mooch’ it to redo it – thereby filling up LFG groups faster – I’ve mooched this over and over, no one cares that you’re there to glomp off their quest. In fact, they seem very happy that you’ve done it before and are doing it for fun

        Rather than the exclusionary kind of quest gating so common in most MMOs (and even parts of GW itself, Nightfall particularly showing it very clearly), the thought that ANet put into where to stage this finale, and how to include people… is just <3.

        Fanboi nugget has spoken!

        • while I agree thats true, gw is great about allowing people to do stuff with others as long as someone has the quest…

          i just meant that I have like 7 or 8 characters, so I probably won’t have to.

  5. […] don’t have any fancy narrative of the occasion like Hunter does. Truth be told I was busy watching health bars and the mini-map. I had no idea the groups we faced […]

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