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With every big announcement about Guild Wars 2 comes a torrent of interviews. I usually try to pick out interesting quotes and provide commentary. In this case I may even include part 2 of the follow up they provided about Healing & Death since there was very little of note.

First up though are ranger related interviews from GameReactor, au audio interview at OnRPG.com, and GameKult from which a translation can be found at GW2Guru.


On the audio interview at OnRPG, on of the first things they mention is waypoints. Initially I had thought that waypoints would be rather indistinct random points. According to the interview they’re actually asuran devices. Some form of structure then I’m assuming.


The audio interview indicates that pets are categorized into 6 amphibious 3 terrestrial, and 3 water archetypes. Each archetype has different species within. Bears have brown, black, polar and “kind of more beastly creatures that are like bears” for instance. Bears are given as an example of an amphibious type, along with cats and wolves. He also says “within the drake family there are 6 or 7 kinds of drakes.”

Now bears are very good swimmers, and some cats are, but wolves? Most dogs can’t swim too well. They say they wanted some of the more popular types to be available for all scenarios and while that’s admirable, it seems like they’re stretching their bounds a little much. But I’ll wait and see.

The “beastly creatures” comment did get my imagination rolling. Obviously trying to not give away information there. The drakes I’m also wondering about, are they the same family type as lizards? Or do they count as their own family.

GameKult got into different pets and abilities.

Each pet species have their strenghts and weaknesses. Bears have many hit points, devourers have more armor, etc. In addition, each species will have access to different skills. A bear may thus have a powerful roar, while a cat will rather recourse to a surprise attack. There will also be differences between each species: a polar bear may inflict cold damage to his opponents with an Arctic Roar while a brown bear will instead use a Frightening Roar to weaken.

A surprise attack utilizing stealth mayhaps? I think that may be one of the first mentions of the weaken condition as well. I think that the natural progression of giving devourers more armour and bears more health is a very solid.

A stealthy pet may have a blow which requires paralyzing it’s target to tackle it before it can reach the ranger. A devourer pet may, as for him, use a ability which will attract an enemy to target it for a better trap and a surprise.

The translation is slightly hazy but does that sound like a taunt? I’m not sure what they’re describing.

If you’re into pets you can definitely have 3 bears

Not something I was really wondering about but I’m sure some people were.

The drakes that John was talking about all have a different breath weapon. So depending on the type of drake you get your drake might be breathing fire, it might be breathing noxious fumes, or lightning or that sort of thing.

As much of a hater I am on the whole pets not being a big enough improvement thing, this does sound cool.

GameReactor had more on drakes.

The dragon-like drakes can also be tamed, with each of their various elemental forms – fire, ice, etc

Hmmm so can we presume 4 different types for 4 elements?

That cat looks like Guenhwyvar. Don't judge me because I know that

Ranger Skills

In the audio interview the following is mentioned.

one half is your weapon skills and one half is skills that you kind of select, there’s like heal skills and utility skills, and traps are a utility skill. Every trap you bring, if you place them out, and an enemy walks through them, they trigger them and their effects go off.

I had a bit of a disagreement with some commenters in my ranger skill videos post about just what the circular fire skill was, and I’m not saying I’m right, but this does lend credence to my side. It seemed clear that burning circle was set off by the torch, making it a torch skill, but traps are apparently a utility skill. Also it was never set off by any enemies. Not much of a trap.

There’s a trap thats called Viper’s Next that when its triggered snakes come out and bite the guy and poison

I can’t wait to see the skill animation for that.

Rangers can set traps, such as ice traps

Not exactly a detailed comment but I don’t remember any ice traps, unless theres a dwarf/norn PvE skill I’ve forgotten.

Matt commented that Whirling Defense appears to only reflect projectiles not melee.

He can reflect projectiles back at people who are targeting him

This doesn’t prove anything but it certainly again points in the direction of not reflecting melee.

Trap? Sun Spirit? Unknown skill? I don't know

Healing & Death

Back to the audio interview where its said that rangers when downed have a couple cool rally tricks.

if your pet finishes off an enemy you will also rally

“One of the Ranger’s Downed Skills that we haven’t talked about yet is a skill where you can tell your pet to come to come up to you and revive you, it’s currently called “Lick Wounds”.

Back to the Arenanet blog for some slight information on your consciousness bar.

We are still balancing the numbers on things, but as of now, you can get down to about 60% of your total consciousness bar through repeated deaths.

60% huh? Sounds familiar.

In order to rally in PvE you must kill a monster. In PvP you must defeat a player to rally, so two downed players do indeed get into situations where they are racing to defeat each other.

This actually sounds quite comical and exciting to me. Two players racing to kill each other with limited skills. Hilarity ensues.


There are plenty of other professions remaining who are going to use both rifles and pistols

Plenty? Okay. Who votes for mesmers using pistols and assassins using both? I’d be interested to hear your opinions.

And I’d like input on anything you read or heard that I didn’t comment on in the comments.



  1. I forgot where, but I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that it was a fire spirit of sorts.

    • i think i’ve read the same thing but i’m not sure we can confirm they’re talking about the exact same thing.

  2. You just KNOW someone’s going to make a Human Mesmer dual-wielding pistol named “Bayonetta.” Also, “Yuna Cloud’s Wife.”

    • that would be kind of cool actually. no idea what yuna cloud’s wife is though

  3. I like the last quote the best. I’m happy to see ranger players will have plenty of skill choices. It seems there are lots of special mechanics to increase choices before and during combat, which will create a nice flow of gameplay.
    I’m still unexcited about the ranger though… Pets just aren’t my thing.

    • i dislike what i’ve read about the ranger for the most part but I loved the videos, very well done.

      i’m into pets but as i’ve said a hundred times now, i’m not impressed with their improvement, so i’m kind of unexcited as well.

  4. “This actually sounds quite comical and exciting to me. Two players racing to kill each other with limited skills. Hilarity ensues.”

    The image if two guys throwing rocks at each other comes to mind lol.

    • yeah exactly. or two exhausted fighters who hate each other throwing the weakest punches imaginable.

  5. Assasin will use sniper rifle.

    • you hope. I’m sure they’ll have some form of skill that reflects a sniper influence like “head shot” or something, but an actual sniper rifle may be more unlikely

      • Actually I think its a bad idea, too much devolped rifel.

  6. Whew, been busy the last couple of days, and am just catching up on blog posts in my google reader. Anyway, love your posts dissecting the ranger stuff, I think this might be my class of choice when the game comes out.

    • even though i’ve been pretty negative, there are a lot of things about the ranger that look good. the videos were impressive to no end (serpent strike looks effin A) and I like the selection of pets even if I don’t appreciate the whole “ability” thing and well, i better not get started but i understand where you’re comin from.

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