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With every big announcement about Guild Wars 2 comes a torrent of interviews. I usually try to pick out interesting quotes and provide commentary. In this case Massively got an interview and asked some mostly pet related questions.

I’m going to quote their whole first question and answer.

Massively: Will rangers have buffs for their pets that they can put on their own skill bars, in order to increase the effectiveness of the pet’s skills?

ArenaNet: Yes, rangers will have the choice to use some of their skill slots to make their pets even more effective. For example, rangers might bring Heal as One in their healing skill slot. This skill heals both the ranger and his pet but is a less effective self heal than he might otherwise bring.

I’ve tried playing as a pet ranger in Guild Wars. It was very limiting in my opinion. Having to carry around one or two skills that did damage, a buff, something defensive, and a self heal left very little room for your pet. For your pet you generally need the charm skill, a skill that heals/revives, a damage skill and a res and already you’re at 8 of 8 skills. Very little wiggle room, very little space to innovate or experiment. God forbid you want to bring more than one damage skill or more than one buff for either you or your pet.

This is why I’m a little hesitant at their new pet system. While its rounded out, it seems to me GWs pet system was super basic, and GW2s system doesn’t go far enough. Its too similar to the old system. Take for instance Heal as One. Not as effective as a normal self heal. So either I bring an unreliable skill to heal myself or I don’t and bring two skills that take up space to do the work of one. Fun. Hopefully I’m entirely wrong about the whole thing, just like with all my ranger related predictions.

The next question revolves around an important issue to some people. Can you be a ranger and not use your pet?

Having a pet is an integral part of being a ranger in Guild Wars 2. It is possible for a ranger to fight without a pet but fighting with a pet is always more effective. If a player wants to play a ranged character without a pet then they will very likely find one of the other professions more appealing.

They keep saying that so I’m thinking they want to emphasize it. I have to say thats the other major thing I’m not liking. Rangers are bigger than just Guild Wars 2, and they play a large part in Guild Wars. I guess Arenanet has every right to play with their own classes, but it just seems like a bad idea to force the issue. Am I wrong?

The only other thing I’ll comment on is Arenanets explanation of some details in the videos.

We speed up the recharge of skills when shooting our videos so that we can see more instances of that skill in a short period of time. The frequency you see a skill used in a video is not always reflective of how often you can use that skill in the game.

I think its important to note that the enemies are pretty low level compared to the high level characters killing them. The videos all look so incredibly over-powered but its just for demo purposes.

Massivelys interview was pretty short, but informative. I’ll probably have a close up look at the videos later today.



  1. I think its better now,
    not like in gw where pets are just making rangers weaker because they use skill slot.

  2. I think the ranger will be much better:
    1. Pets will not make him weaker.
    2. All the pets are no the same pet with diffrent shape anymore.
    3. No more Trapper.
    4. He can fight in close combat without wasting skill slots and make him weaker because every weapon has its own bar.
    5. Shot while running.
    6. Anything else?

    • I don’t know, I think its debateable and i’m certainly disappointed in some of the choices they’ve made.

  3. At this point my interest in continuing to play a ranger in GW2 is pretty much gone. It’s the same feeling I had in WoW when Blizzard insisted that bow classes use a pet. Without going into too much detail, with all the class changing for Hunters for Cataclysm they still didn’t offer a no pet option and remain a viable build.

    That said I’m still looking forward to this game, and I hope I can live out my cowgirl fantasies with a gun focused class. <.< hmm…so many ways to dissect that…

    • I’ll definitely try out the ranger, personally. I like pets, and emphasis on pets isn’t bad, but if it limits game play the way gw1 did, I’m out.

      It does look slightly more likely that a gun class will appear. It angers the blood that anet may have been misleading in this regard.

      • Ya know my guess is as good as anyone’s but I’m willing to bet that sins are the more likely candidate for firearms. With all their John Woo style acrobatics it would be a total fit for them as their alternative build. THAT I could totally get behind. Nothing like starting a brawl in a tavern Hong Kong style.

        • hehe, yeah you may be right. there is one particular piece of concept art that jumps to mind, the person standing on a rooftop with a rifle slung across their back. that does make sense. but my prediction days are over if you’ve been following my blog long enough to see how badly my ranger predictions turned out.

          • Honestly predictions are part of what keeps interest in a game not yet released up. Just have some fun with it, hell make it a drinking game.

          • Oh btw, forgot to mention, mind showing me this artwork, I don’t think I seen that one.

            • if it was a drinking game i would be plastered.

  4. Badass, looks dressed for a concert too with that belt.

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