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The Destiny's Edge adventuring group. Why they refuse to use the word guild I don't know

Finally we have word of the 2nd Guild Wars 2 novel. With all the hubub surrounding the 1st today, including 2 more chapters of the Ghosts of Ascalon if you happen to have access to iBooks, I was surprised to find out more about Edge of Destiny.

Jeff Grubb posted on the Arenanet blog about hiw own upcoming novel and a small bit of information about the 2nd. Go ahead and check it out.

I’ve been speculating about the 2nd book for at least a few months with help from the GW2Guru forums, its nice to have some official comment.

The story of Dougal Keane is just one tale, and those that follow the lore of the world will recognize head nods to the past and clues to future books. Of the “big guns” of Guild Wars 2 – Rytlock, Zojja, Logan and the rest that we saw in the early trailers – a couple of them will show up in Ghosts, but their full story is told in the second novel, Edge of Destiny, by the talented J. Robert King.


  1. I think that one of the five must have a unrevaled proffesion.

    • I’m sure one of Destiny’s Edge does, but we won’t find out until they start promoting it. Which will probably be much later this year.

      ghosts of ascalon on the other hand suggests necromancers in its preview excerpt and word has it the book itself mentions mesmers.

  2. Oh sweet, another one! Don’t know when I’ll get to add these to my reading list, but seeing as I’ll be checking out GW2 when it comes out, at some point I know I’ll probably be reading these.

    Still have yet to read the Warcraft book by Grubb, but the current one I’m reading by Richard A Knaak isn’t that great, so I’m going to WoW’ed out for a while. I’m hoping the SWTOR book coming out next week will be decent.

    • Yeah i have to admit arenanet is really pushing my buttons with their marketing (aside from the ranger) and the books are getting me hyped.

      both ghosts of ascalon and fatal alliance come out on the same day.

      sean williams, the fatal alliance author, has written some star wars books i’ve read, but I can’t say offhand whether or not he’s good. I’ve read around 100 star wars novels, so its hard to differentiate authors in my mind.

  3. Is it normal book or ebook?

    • they are probably coming out in both formats.

      • Yes both e-book and pulp. I was unsure if it was coming to Oz land so I ordered it from amazon, along with the 2011 calendar… both are due in Oz land on the 8th. I am guessing I’ll have to be careful about what I read inbetween release and when manage to read it.

  4. My tolerance for tie-in books is pretty low, but I’m looking forward to Ghosts of Ascalon. I’d better keep my fingers crossed.

    • when I read the excerpt of the first chapter, i got the faint whiff of a generic kind of novel, I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt though, first chapters often have that feeling because of the responsibility of introducing characters, settings, situations and everything else.

  5. Now I ain’t much fer book readin but that sure sounds facinatin.

    • i wish i was more of a book reader, but all i end up reading is pulpy fantasy and sci fi.

  6. Hmm, so if book 1 and book 2 are being released 5 months apart, we can perhaps expect book 3 in May and then GW2’s release shortly thereafter?

    (I am sure this has already been speculated manyfold on the GW2 forums)

    • i’m sure the december date will be moved personally, and I wouldn’t count on the book releases having much to do with the games release. However, deceived, the 2nd SWTOR was recently pushed to march to better coincide with TOR’s relase, if EoD gets pushed back, I’m betting it’ll be closer to GW2’s release.

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