The Follow Up: Healing & Death

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Whats he holding? Looks like a warhorn? Focus? Reminds me of the necro silhouette. Is that sword sheathed? He's also using a healing skill

With every major release of information about Guild Wars 2, Arenanet follows it up on their blog. They try to, release a few new details, address the questions of paranoid schizophrenics and people who never bothered to read the original article, and generally calm the frenzied masses. This is one of those follow ups.

This is actually a pretty long one. I’ll try to keep quotes and commentary minimal.

First question of interest, “Can enemies revive one another?”

While it is true that some enemies can resurrect themselves, enemies do not have a downed state or revival, except in PvP.

This I note because playing through Guild Wars lately in the War in Kryta campaign has highlighted how much more challenging it is when your enemies resurrect each other.

The next question sort of made me laugh, I have to wonder where they got it. It essentially translates as “Did you make design decisions based on the complaints of forum trolls?”

Yes! We always make decisions based on whining in forums. Breaking away from industry norms took no forethought at all thanks to their kind influence.

Then there is some detail about the consciousness bar and pvp.

This is a while-downed equivalent of a health bar; it takes damage from attacks and also slowly decreases on its own.

In PvP a downed player is a tactical combat element that you have to take into account. We do give PvP players a way to deal with downed opponents: a powerful finishing move that they can use to send downed opponents straight to defeated mode. This ability takes a few seconds to activate and is melee only

Not new information on the consciousness bar, but a more succinct description. I think the pvp description also gives a bit of insight. I can’t help but think there will be some kind of reference to mortal kombat at some point.

“What happens if you have no money and aren’t revived?” Well I’m sure they didn’t think of that. Therefore you will have to wait eternally in the underworld and never get to play Guild Wars 2 again. Or maybe they did think of that?

f you have money in your account bank, it will pull from there; if not, you can enjoy a free trip.

I swear people, relax.

More confirmation anyone can revive anyone else.

we thought it would be cooler to say that people were defeated instead of dead, so that we could justify them being brought out of it by any ally who happened to be passing by.

Seemed to be one of the big questions since many games don’t allow people not in your group to res you.

Here there is some touchy feely stuff about what players who like healing should think about there being no dedicated healer in GW2.

We think that monk and healer players don’t really care about the exact mechanics of their profession, but rather care about how that profession feels. Is it more important that the monk sit in the backline and watch health bars go up and down? Or is it more important that they feel like they are supporting their teammates and can occasionally save the day through judicious application of their skills and abilities? We wanted Guild Wars 2 to be a more active game, and therefore we made the support characters in the game a lot more active as well.

Enh not so fast there Anet. Don’t go getting a big head. Telling players what players feel is first and foremost, a just plain bad idea. I understand what you’re trying to do here, but don’t deride people that liked the way the monk played, its just bad form. The obvious initial reaction to this, for anyone who liked monk, is going to be pretty bad. Telling them they can play support instead, isn’t going to solve any problems.

Can you play a full support character?

A character can certainly fill their bar so that more than half of their skills have some sort of support function.

It sounds like there isn’t any main hand weapon that focuses on support. I might also deduce that most offhand weapons have either one or two support skills. At least the player can fill the rest of their bar with support, including the elite and racial skill slots.

Finally they make an interesting point about death penalty.

In most games—both single and multiplayer—the penalty for failure is to simply return to a saved position or state. The penalty, in this case, is simply time.

I never really thought about it, but its not like Mass Effect 2 takes away your gear, places restrictions on you, or messes with your experience points. It sends you back to a save point and in my opinion ME2 was effing amazing.

What do you guys think? Did I miss anything? Bring up your own commentary in the comments.


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