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I'm starting to think a lot of the shading is based on nothing

Guild Wars 2 has announced the ranger. I guess it was pretty obvious from the start that thats what the profession would be. I should probably give up the prediction business, because I got most everything else wrong.

For a full rundown on my totally depressing failure, check out my post predicting the new ranger, or various attempts to figure out just what that silhouette is.

I’ll start with pets which you can have 3 of.

Pets are charmed by interacting with juvenile versions of the species you want to charm. There are a variety of Tyrian species that can be charmed, including bears, moas, devourers, and sharks. As you adventure with a pet, it evolves to become more unique and eventually allows you to give it abilities that compliment your tactics.

I wish I had thought more deeply about underwater pets. It should have been obvious but with not much information to go on, it was a question as to just how much emphasis was put on pets or water environments. Apparently a lot. Some people will definitely be happy about the devourer pets.

One thing I wasn’t happy with, was the following.

Rather than manage a unique resource in combat, a ranger will manage his pet, assigning them a behavior from aggressive to passive. A ranger can also manage his pet by giving commands such as “attack,” “heel,” and “stay.”

This sounds far too basic to me. I was expecting large improvements with commanding your pet in GW2 and this doesn’t sound like it. Sure you have unique abilities to play around with, but the rest sounds so lacking and frankly, too similar to GW2. The only real addition to controlling your pet sounds like the Attack, Heel, and Stay commands.

It doesn’t sound like you can activate the specific abilities when you’d like. Pets have ability slots, not skill slots. Thats specifically the functionality I was hoping to have. Maybe I’m wrong, who knows.

You can control its evolution, putting more points into attack or health, which is a good thing. Unfortunately that was basic functionality that sort of felt like it should have been in Guild Wars, let alone GW2.

I was pretty much wrong about the innovation with the ranger as well.

Traps are in the game, and although they nearly last as long as you’d like, they’re much more limited. One type of trap out at a time.

Spirits sound like they work exactly like they did in GW2. I can’t wait to spend a few seconds summoning a spirit every time I’m about to move into battle. I guess they really are getting rid of the boring classes up front.

I guess I thought they’d take the ranger to new places.

I was a little disappointed that there didn’t seem to be any other special skill types or any other real new mechanic.

Getting to the weapons, there are no pistols or rifles, which I’m sure most of us were expecting. This lends some small amount of credence to the lone brand new class being either a gunner (even though I’m pretty sure Anet has specifically denied this) or a technology based profession like engineer. I was surprised to see the Greatsword in its repertoire. Not normally a ranger like weapon.

And thats it, a relatively short intro to the new ranger. I admit the videos look pretty badass, but I’ll save praise for those when I post specifically about them. Otherwise I’m a little disappointed. I had considered playing ranger in GW2 as a sylvari, but with the lack of new innovation here I’m reconsidering. I also got just about every prediction wrong. I got the timing semi-sorta right, about a week off. And it was the ranger. Thats about it. I’m crying. Someone hold me!

Another astounding wallpaper



  1. lol Arrows mechine gun

    • yeah, barrage looks good. will comment further in the next post.

  2. wow shark as a pet
    Underwater combat confirmed!

    • hah yeah. Shark is such an odd choice for underwater pet i think. crab is already in the lore for instance.

  3. Yeah, staring at the silhouettes is just futile. The head of the revealed pet is completely different from the shield-looking thing previously. And that diamond-shape hovering above it! Also, the hand holding the bow does not look like the shadowy claws from before.

    • Yeah, i agree. i’m sure theres some lucky (or had inside info) person out there that saw a bow where there was just lines, but at least in this case it may as well have been random.

  4. I’m very excited FOR the ranger, if not as excited ABOUT the ranger. I really like the increased emphasis on pets. I’m thinking it might be more robust than you think.

    I’m not, however, running out to plan my new ranger character. My excitement for all the classes has been pretty equal but that’s because I haven’t seen one that just does IT for me. I prefer physical damage to magical (mesmer/necro hexes being a notable exception) but the warrior and the ranger haven’t really clicked for me.

    I really was hoping it wouldn’t be the ranger and they’d instead release something completely different.

    • did you watch the videos? they were the one thing about the class reveal that looked good to me.

      I’m definitely going to be waiting on more classes too. i’m not feeling the ranger any more, and yes I’m going to be childish about it.

      I don’t know how much more robust it can get. sure the abilities thing sounds like it can range quite a bit, but it sounds like thats where they put all the work into. i *want* a unique resource to direct in the field. but anet doesn’t want me to. now i know how monks feel.

      • Yes, I thought the videos were fantastic. The pets are actually my favorite thing. I’m absolutely going to make a ranger alt, but I’m not sure it’s going to be my main.

        And hey, if I can have a charr obsession you can be childish about the ranger 🙂

  5. Reading the comments in other places I can see there’s some concerns from my fellow rangers who dislike the idea of becoming a pet class. I can understand their concerns, I’ve played many other mmos as a bow/gun user and have gone and used the no pet build all the time, unless it was WoW which you have no choice. I remain hopeful that we nonpet using rangers have the option on this game as well. It is my wish that they clarify this as soon as they can.

    • They already said that if you want to range without a pet you should look into another profession. Like the warrior with the rifle and longbow. But don’t fret, I’m sure there will be a profession that focuses on guns. Maybe not a gunner per se, but more of like an engineer.

      • uh yeah. what you said.

      • Well that is truly disappointing news, but your last thing about engineers keeps me hopeful. That being said I can’t help but find myself a little vexed by this, in numerous fantasy stories and settings there are archers that didn’t use pets yet in MMOs most want the bow user to be a pet class.

        • Well as they mentioned in the warrior article, its possible to have a fully ranged warrior who uses a bow. they even outline arcing shot in the videos. you just have to very specifically line up traits or something. so other classes can use bows if you don’t want the pet.

    • “Then you can have up to three pets, and you go to a pet management screen to pull out any of the three that you want”

      sort of sounds like you can. they also say you can be a pure ranged ranger, which sorta sounds like no pets involved but its less definite than that quote, which isn’t 100% definite.

      But like they said somewhere else, if you want to be ranged without pets, you should go with another profession. so maybe not.

      • Hey as long as I can be a Sylvarian gunner with a 6shooter I’m in there baby!

  6. So It is basicly the same ranger but he must have a pet, right?

    • I guess. there are differences, like the ability to be melee if you want. running while shooting. etc

  7. This was more along the lines I was expecting for a Ranger. Obviously from your guys reactions my standard ranger class isn’t along your ideas. In my mind its a hippy tree hugging, vegitarian that can talk to the animals. Maybe Hunter might have been a better class name 🙂

    I bet there’s a trait that lets you have more than one animal at a time.

    Anyway, glad thats out of the way. I’ve always disliked rangers, pets just aren’t my thing and lag tends to make that distance between my enemy and me non-existant. Once we get the rogue/sin out of the way we have only interesting classes left.

    As a side note I was pleased with the look of the female ranger and the norn ranger too. I am glad to see we’ll have some pretty classes still. The elle was not. The asuran ranger is a little scary to me, Gremilin looking also too much so – I was expecting these to be the cute eastern cute cute cute creature that they all want.

    • well there is the skill that lets more than one pet out at a time, but I doubt they would allow for having more than one out at a time permanently.

      the asuran ranger did not look cool at all. kinda ugly.

  8. So if I role an Asuran ranger and tame a shark, and Asurans are all techy and stuff, can I have a shark with frikin lazer beams on its head?

    I have never been big on rangers much so I dunno wasn’t as excited about the reveal as I was for the warrior or even the elementalist. From what they showed and said it looks like the pet system has been improved quite a bit to me, kind of expected that. Seems they put a lot more emphasis on pets though which im not too sure I like. Guess it all depends on just how integral pets will be for the ranger, will we be gimped without them? Or will they be powerful and cool enough that we actually want to bring them along for more than just meat shields and minion factories?

    Aside from the pet concerns though, I think it all looked pretty good. I liked the Spread Shot, Flame Trap? combo that they showed. And Whirling defense looked pretty cool animation wise.

    • i was impressed with everything that wasn’t traps, spirits, or pets. draw your own conclusions about that.

      the pet system is improved but not to the standard I was hoping.

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