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Slightly less enthused to be an asuran ranger now. I'm not sure why.

With every big announcement about Guild Wars 2 comes a torrent of interviews. I usually try to pick out interesting quotes and provide commentary. In this case PC Gamer and IGN both have interesting articles about the ranger.

Okay lets start with pets. I’ve covered a few things that come up in the interviews in my article about Guild Wars 2 ranger page, so I’ll skip those here. I’m also not specifying which information comes from where, pain in the butt, but its mostly PC Gamer stuff. Read that article.


Lets review really quick the pets we’ve seen. The cat in the concept art. Shark, bear, wolf, devourer, moa, lizard, marmaduke, spiders, and thats 8. 4 more to be revealed? Hit me up with the ones I’ve missed in the comments.

In your biography you will get to choose between three different pets that you can start with, and that varies between race. Then you can have up to three pets, and you go to a pet management screen to pull out any of the three that you want

Another bad decision. As much as it seems the ranger is a pure pet based class here, I don’t want to be just given a pet. I want to encounter a beast in the wild, tame it, and bond with it. I like Pokemon in other words. At least you get to tame the other two?

I can have maybe a bear who is good at tanking, or a snow leopard who’s a good damage pet, and then maybe a Moa bird who’s a good support pet

I do like that they seem to be basing their pet abilities around their idea of the trinity. A support pet, damage pet, and a tank? I’m sure he means control…

The pets automatically level to the level of the Ranger

On the one hand this sort of breaks immersion doesn’t it? Don’t you want to be working with your pet to level him? Don’t you feel more attached to your pets if you put work into them? Then again it is awfully convenient.

In Guild Wars 2 Evolution Levels give the pet extra bonuses. One of the things you can do is the pet has a certain number of skill slots, and you unlock those skill slots as you go. Then you can slot skills into those slots for the pet.

Like I’ve said before, just slotting abilities isn’t enough for me, I need skills I can pick out and use. However, unlocking more slots as you progress is a good way to bond with your pet and feel like its progressing with you.

There are about a dozen different beast archetypes available for taming, from birds to lizards, bears to sharks.

I like the inclusion of stuff like devourers and sharks. Its original and fun. The subspecies delineation is also clever, giving you choices among what abilities they have. Credit where credit is due.

Pet related skills and pet abilities

The Snow Leopard can gain stealth, and the ability to stun guys when it attacks from the rear

There are a lot of very happy 15 year old boys squirming with glee that stealth exists in the game. I’m not sure it means players can use it on their assassins but its a possibility.

One of the skills rezzes the pet almost instantly

This is the kind of thing I didn’t want to see. One whole skill slot that does nothing but res (and probably heal) your pet? Annoying.

There is an elite skill called Alpha Strike that brings all three pets out (at least those that are eligible to be in the Ranger’s current environment) for a short period of time.

If you have a pet shark, how does that work? You summon all 3 of your pets, and they fly, run, and flop towards your target?

Ranger skills and weapons

Spike Trap, Dust Trap

The more original Guild Wars skills reappear in Guild Wars 2 the less happy I am.

Rangers can wield and throw axes, which they can ricochet off of enemies to damage several foes with a single strike.

It really does seem like rangers are going to be more than just bowmen. I just hope, as Ven does in the comments of an earlier post, that you can go without your pet. No matter how unique you want to make a class you shouldn’t force it.

Longbow, as the name implies, is a stationary, slow, long ranged weapon, and a shortbow is a very quick skirmishing weapon.

I’m not big on stationary. Its why I don’t like traps making a return. Running and shooting is awesome though.

most other professions that use a warhorn use it solely for buffing. The ranger can use it to call in temporary animals to attack things.

Temporary animals. Evidence of summoning at work. Will I stick to my guns on summoners or just give into the necromancer? I don’t know. The animation looks cool though in the video.

So his three part combo with the sword is; he has a basic attack, and then he has a kick as the next part which kicks the opponent away from him, and then his third one is a follow-up leap attack. His second skill is called Hornet Sting, where he attacks the opponent and then rolls back. And his third one is Serpent Strike, in which he rolls around to the back of an opponent and then poisons them with Serpent Strike.

Does the sword always have chain skills or is the terminology they’re using unique to the ranger? I’m sure they’re asking about this on the gw2guru forums (and may have already got an answer) but I think they could have been more clear about this. As for the skills themselves, that is one awesome sounding combo. The ranger, especially in the video, is very mobile now with melee. Thats the kind of dodge move I’ve been waiting to see in an MMO. Period.

Any other details I didn’t pick up on guys? Theres a few things I’d talk about but there just isn’t enough information to go on. I’m sure we’ll learn more eventually.

The ranger dodges, marmaduke follows



  1. I wonder if a dust trap shot through is going to create blinding shots?

    Longbow isn’t going to see much pvp use I expect. One of the key attributes of a skill is whether you can use it in motion. If not its generally useless. I’d hope to see as little of these skills as possible as we aren’t going to have a huge number this time around.

    Next class please; oh and though I plan to play human first Id like to see more of the other races in action to please Anet.

    • maybe. I wasn’t sure blind was even going to be a condition until I saw the trap.

      yeah i’m not sure why they’re holding off on other races, whether they’re not done, or for some kind of race reveal later on before launch

  2. I think it’s more like you choose your first pet in character creation, and then when you get in the game you get a special Personal Story in your Personal Instance where your pet-to-be is causing havoc, and you have to calm it and tame it. An elementalist parallel could be that you choose which element is to be your first, and for the warrior you could choose your first weapon.

    Well, that, or the tutorial you have to go through in the beginning will make you capture an animal. Either way, I think ArenaNet will come up with something other than you just have the pet in the beginning.

    • that might be how it goes, but it might not. Certainly a bioware game might take that approach, i’ve yet to see what gw2 can do so I’m not getting my hopes up.

  3. The Spread Shot video has a dog pet, reminiscent of Marmaduke.

    • Sorry, I meant the Serpent’s Strike video. My bad.

      • yeah there were marmadukes in a SS they released weeks ago as well. its in the list either way.

  4. “The Snow Leopard can gain stealth, and the ability to stun guys when it attacks from the rear.”

    Hmmm ok but will the AI be such that the snow leapord will automatically position itself to do so or will the skill automatically position it behind the target, kind of shadow step and turn around? I dunno sounds like kind of a niche skill with very circumstantial use if not.

    • yeah it might just be one skill. stealth strike or something like that. hard to guess anything just from that sentence.

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  6. “If you have a pet shark, how does that work? You summon all 3 of your pets, and they fly, run, and flop towards your target?”

    Remember it says “at least those that are eligible to be in the Ranger’s current environment”

    So a shark would only be eligible in water. So if you have aqua marine life as a pet your skill would only summon those pets that can survive and attack on land / air

    • this is a couple months old now, but thanks for posting. My main point was that what happens to the third pet? instead of the firepower of 3 pets I just get 2? that doesn’t seem as useful as 3 pets coming out.

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