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July 14, 2010 at 8:31 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

I think if I was going to get a URL it would be .ca

On July 1st, my beloved national holiday, NinjaVideo was shut down. Its a site that uploaded the previous days television shows to sites like megaupload and provided an easy to use interface for downloading and watching them in high quality.

Apparently nobody knew what the hell happened, because after the July 4th weekend ended, I suddenly began getting major hits based on the post I did. Google liked me for it and my hit counts have doubled due to something completely unrelated to the general motives of this blog. Hooray?

I’m also having trouble with my blogroll. For some reason people keep disappearing from it. I’ve had to replace SecretAgentCat, Relics of Orr, GuildCast, High Latency Life, and others. I’m not sure why they keep disappearing. If you notice you’re missing, just cough really loudly.

I replaced the header image a while back but I don’t think others like it. The only person to remotely comment on it was Ryan from Relics of Orr who saw it and immediately made a replacement for me. I actually kind of like the one above, obscuring text or not.

I reached one thousand comments recently, but since most of those comments are mine, I don’t see it as much of a landmark.

Its only been 2 months since my last issues post, so I won’t dive into detail. Its sufficient to say not much has changed.

Finally I should not have posted that Double Rainbow song from a while back. It gets stuck in my head a lot. So intense.


  1. Arial!

    • you want me to use arial font i take it?

  2. I know it was just a throwaway comment on a picture caption, but would you ever consider getting your own url though? Getting a .ca would be pretty cool, actually. My own domain is definitely something I’ve thought about, but I figure I should at least give this blogging this one year before I decide.

    • I might, i’ve often considered it, even before i actually started the blog, but at the time the .com was taken i believe. but I don’t know much about buying domains or which would be best for the blog or whats the easiest to buy, best price value etc.

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