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Arenanet spits in my face! *cries*

On their facebook page Guild Wars 2 has announced (well, strongly hinted at) the next silhouette to be revealed and that it will be revealed this week. This flies in the face of my predictions (how dare you Arenanet!?) that the furthest left silhouette would be revealed and it would be the ranger, and that it would be revealed around ComicCon.

The general consensus was that the ranger was next. Its been the profession most used in examples and named off-hand. Its one of the most generic professions, so it might make less of a splash when announced. Therefore better to release it early. It wasn’t just me thinking ranger was next, most of the GW2Guru forums and other sources agreed.

And maybe that’s why, in my opinion, Arenanet has gone rogue. Defying expectations and surprising your fans is great way to build hype. Not to mention releasing information on a new class right before ComicCon, where non-gaming media might catch hold of news about your game, would be a pretty good move. You Sarah Palin imitating bastards.

In my last post about the silhouettes I didn’t have much to say about the one that will be announced. It’s an asura, its holding something like a shield, (or golem control device!? or anything really) and there is very little else to be deduced.

One thing I can say for certain now is that whatever it is, my prediction will be wrong. *cries* Why crush my dreams to be a Guild Wars 2 oracle anet!? Why?!

Nevertheless, I suppose I’ll dive in. As I said in my first (unrevised and mostly wrong) silhouettes post, I think the asura will be an adventurer class and a new class. What class? No idea. There is no evidence to support much of a guess either. Suggestions have ranged quite a bit, the only one making a bit of sense would be engineer. A class that relies on the new technology and lore of the GW universe 250 years later. Others look at the base of the silhouette and draw conclusions about whatever it is the asura is standing on. Is it riding something? Is there something beneath its feet? It could just be a mound its standing on, but its unclear.

I find it annoying they’re releasing the least discernible silhouette possible. Why can’t you release the professions and silhouettes I’ve picked out Arenanet? Obviously this means you do not value your fans or our opinions.

I will say that with the recent article on Death and Healing, and the shocking confirmation (everybody following the interviews already knew) that there would be no typical healer class, it would make a good time to release a support class. Specifically the new monk. A buffer and support class.

There you have it. Credibility demolished. Predictions wrong. No idea what the new class will be. Engineer? New Monk? Something entirely new? Sigh. We’ll just have to wait.

Grrrr I hate you so much facebook



  1. *dies laughing*

    They spit in my face too.

    In fact, I’m hoping now that it’s NOT a ranger, just because everyone else seems to think it is and something completely unexpected would just be fantastic.

    Misery loves company right?

    • I’m still sticking to the charr being the ranger. I’ve seen various people pointing at parts of the images trying to point stuff out but it feels like they’re reaching to me. its the brand new class. i think. I’m so gonna be wrong.

      • Yea rangers rule, Sylvari rangers, make it so Anet!

  2. I haven’t gotten too much into the speculation side of things, so allow me to say: omg new profession reveal this week! That’s much sooner than any of us thought! 😀

    • Yeah a week sooner. I guess the book signing is the focus of their comicon stuff?

  3. So you think there would be proffesions that cant be used by all races?

    • Hmmmm no. where did you get that idea? When I spoke of the asura being an adventure class i meant that specific asura in the silhouette.

      • Oh…

        • 🙂

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