Mustering A Response Part 2

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Devona in all her glory

I made it to North Kryta Province without much trouble. Well, maybe a lot of trouble, but I made it without dying is my point. I took a moment, and quickly saw that there would be dialogue with a large group of NPCs, immediately I began to hope I would not have to escort them anywhere.

You have to escort them somewhere.

The point of this part of the quest is to warn the Ascalonian settlers to flee to the safety of Lion’s Arch. They’re already set to go when you get there, so its your job to see they make it safely. Livia, Blimm, Zinn and one settler must survive.

Just as with exiting Beetletun, we immediately began running, the NPCs were off before I was ready and this time the reflexes were not up to the challenge. The White Mantle had spawned and I was clearly going to be caught.

I gave it a shot anyway and hoped the slow attrition of my hench & heroes would sate their blood thirst long enough for the majority of us to make it to the gates of Lion’s Arch and safety.

It was not to be so.

One after another my h&h were cut down in the prime of their lives as the rest of us rushed forward. To make matters worse, while the NPCs are on a predetermined set path resembling the angles of a Rhombus, it turns on the White Mantle have discovered these interesting things called curves, and quickly gained on our position.

I died before the half way mark, and watched from the resurrection shrine as each settler was slaughtered one by one

Even after the last settler had keeled over the White Mantle continued to eviscerate my fellow Shining Blade, Livia, Zinn and Blimm all died. I mourned the loss of my friends.

I then zoned, and rezoned and they were back! Alive and well! A miracle! Dwayna be praised. I’m just glad I didn’t have to start over.

This time I was prepared, I initiated the dialogue and positioned myself to run like crazy. If I had had even a few minions I might have considered setting up to stall the WM as they flooded in behind me while the settlers and others ran for LA. As it was it isn’t much of an option, or at least, not with the build set up I had brought with me.

Off we ran with the WM nipping at our heels when I noticed one particular thing. They were even closer behind than in Nebo Terrace and I still wasn’t going to make it to LA. It was just too far a distance to out run them.

Having fallen behind a bit while considering what to do, I cut across these fancy curve things the WM had discovered in the previous run and caught up. The WM caught up as well and began hacking down my h&h. It was like watching a Predator movie. One by one characters were ticked off as we approached LA. Eventually it was down to just me and the NPCs. I was damned if it was going to be before a few Non Player Characters so I let the WM slowly chip away at all the settlers but one.

We crossed the bridge and ran up the hill and I realized there were only the Shining Blade and one settler left. Not good. In fact, I was in front of the final settler.

Far be it from me to play the glorious hero, but I turned around and let that jerk walk into Lion’s Arch while I got pummeled. I wasn’t sure if I’d complete the quest, even though I was within sight of the gates, but it was better than letting that scum take us all out.

Fortunately just before ressing I heard the pleasant chime of my quest being completed. Eat it Mursaat!

I haven’t actually done the Battle for Lion’s Arch yet. I’ve been waiting on some friends to do it with. It seems worthy of the occasion. I found Mustering A Response to be one of the best parts of War in Kryta so far, something different from the straight up fights is always welcome. Can’t wait to end this.



  1. Finished Mustering a Response a couple of nights ago myself.

    Didn’t have as much trouble as you did since I set up my Heroes with a bunch of running skills.

    Anyways, If ya wanna finish up WiK, let me know.

    • ah ha! so you looked at wiki first you cheater!

  2. Got through Mustering a Response w/o a problem. Battle for Lion’s Arch on the other hand….

    • I always want to do this! Always! I lurrrrves eet.

      Poke Glorious Mcnugget (or variants thereof), and I can be a minimaster or a haelzprotter.

      I love, love, love, love this battle.


      • Oh and fyi if you want to keep a copy of the quest (cause it’s so epic), you MUST leave before the last Mursaat dies.

        Or it’ll count as completed and you can’t be the trigger for the quest anymore. šŸ˜¦

        (You can still accompany someone else who has the quest though.)

        • Don’t get my hopes up, it can’t be that good.

          • XD Well…

            Taking into consideration that different people like different things…

            …the whole of War in Kryta has been the most fun I have had online since I pretty much stopped MUDding 6-7 years ago.

            • really? thats great. I’m glad your enjoying it so much, its been fun for me but nothing like that. You must be hyped for further guild wars beyond campaigns then.

            • Yah totally.

              Basically all I’ve been doing (more or less) since WiK started is killing mantle in HM for giggles. I love what ANet has done with their bars. =)

              They are FUN! Even when hard to kill, fun.

              Not like dolyaks. If I never see another dolyak for the rest of my gaming life, it will be too soon. -_-

    • Still waiting on friends myself.

  3. LOL I have like no idea what this event is or what’s going on, but I had a good time reading this as it was written so well. Looks like you had fun though, which is the most important thing.

    • thanks mmogc. I appreciate it.

  4. I agree this has been one of the most fun for me in my long time playing mmos. I can’t wait to see the next chapter on what happened to Langmar, I hope they didn’t kill her =(

    • yeah, i’m wondering about langmar too. when GW: Beyond was first announced it sounded like there would be a few campaigns, and I sort of assumed they would each center around a continent but those plot threads they left open certainly suggest they’re going to continue on tyria.

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