Mustering A Response

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More delightful henchmen concept art

On the 8th the newest update to the War in Kryta arrived and I was suddenly a little excited. The path of the story surrounding WiK had become pretty clear and it was obvious that the climax, if not the end, would be soon. The update was no disappointment.

I checked the War in Kryta page for updates from Edward R. Murro, and then logged into the game. I was already in Lion’s Arch, zipped into the Keep and honestly felt a moment of disappointment when I saw no new exclamation mark above Salma’s head. I turned around to leave and ARGH, Dinas! You spying rascal. I guess that’s how he’s survived inside their ranks for so long, you never see him coming.

I picked up the quest that followed and again felt a moment of disappointment. Its a run and talk quest. Just go here, talk to people, then go there talk to some more people. I guess its kind of a goodbye quest. This is the last time you’ll see the Shining Blade Camp, or the Secret Asuran Lab. I ran to both places with little trouble and headed to Beetletun to finish up the quest.

This is where it got interesting. And spoilerish. So Tigerfeet you can stop reading now.

It was clear after Beetletun that I would have to escort Livia, Blimm, and Zinn outside all the way to Lion’s Arch. I presumed. I geared up for battle thinking that it would be quite similar to Courier Falken, where you go along and fight, then move along and fight etc.

It was not like that.

I left the outpost and before I knew it Livia and company had took off in a dead run. I was shocked and quickly thought they were going to aggro trouble and die before I even caught up, but, thankfully my reflexes stepped in and I wasn’t very far behind them by the time we reached the top of the hill. To make sure all my H&H were keeping up I glanced at my map and nearly crapped my pants.

Two large groups of White Mantle had spawned right behind me. Clearly my brain had not yet caught up to my situation because I thought that if I kept running, my H&H would not aggro those groups, and therefore I would not have to fight those groups. Another group spawned.

There was a quick moment where I thought, I am definitely supposed to fight these groups one by one, but its too late now and why are you doing this to me Livia!? Wait for me! I kept running. More groups spawned.

By the time I reached the choke hold point, I had realized the situation. This is not a ‘fight your way there’, this is a ‘run for your life’. The Great Northern Wall if you’ll remember.

We reached the NPC in Nebo Village and I was starting to feel the pressure. Do I talk to the NPC and keep running? Do I wait to see what happens? As I was thinking that over it became clear that the horde of White Mantle was making its way around the village, so for the moment I was safe. Eye of the hurricane. I talked to the NPC and they quickly ran off mindlessly to their deaths. Didn’t hurt my cause so whatever.

As that was happening one of the groups broke off and attacked me. I spent the next couple minutes getting rid of a fairly formidable group, and then reconnoitered the area. The portal to the next instance, wasn’t that far away but the horde that chased me hadn’t gone through, they’d filled up all the area between there and the village.

Pretty much an aggro nightmare. First I went East, then circled around North, then South through a pass and came back out to a place where I might be able to thread my way through all the groups. There was also the option of going further South to what looked like a clear path, but I’m lazy and threading looked faster.

Without much trouble I slipped through their ranks into the next zone. I had no idea what I was doing, no running skills, and somehow miraculously got through to North Kryta Province on my first try.

If I had looked at the wiki first, I would have been prepared. I would have known what skills to bring, known about the spawns, known what to do once in Nebo Village, and what path to take. I definitely wouldn’t have felt a sense of panic, bewilderment, excitement or joy at finishing the first part on the first try. That’s why I always do new content at least once or twice without going to the wiki. You may fail but you’ll probably have fun failing, and feel way more accomplished if you complete it without help.

I wasn’t quite as successful on the next part of Mustering A Response, but I’ll leave that for another post, later today or tomorrow.



  1. You were much luckier than I. My monk fell behind and agroed the whole mob, when we had to stop in the little town to talk to the elder they all came in and slaughtered everyone including me. Those rangers can hurt.

    The second time through i took two wars with charge, I managed to out run and get everyone else to out run the whitemantle including the townfolk to the next zone.

    I agree with the non-Wiki attempts its much more fun without it. Though for some things I wouldnt dream of trying it, like capturing all the skills in the game. I like having a list of both the skills and bosses i need.

    • Yeah, skill capping, cartography, anything mundane or extensive i’d definitely use the wiki for. and especially for anything i don’t really want to have to do twice.

  2. Omm.

    I did this successfully on the second try (the North Kryta Province run) without looking at Wiki – so it’s entirely possible to figure out alone. I chained ‘Fall Back!’ with Morgahn, and that did it nicely.

    However, when I went with some friends/guildies to do this quest again, I/we noticed something weird in the North Kryta Province part – keep an eye out for it.

    Blimm is obviously a White Mantle plant. -_- The little guy keeps STOPPING! I don’t know how I managed to keep him alive the first time, when I ran it alone, because I didn’t *notice* how he kept stopping.

    But when with my friends/guildies, one of us had to stay behind Blimm all the way, nudging his little bottom like a prize-winning hog. O.o

    The warrior who was doing the nudging died, and I took over the nudging from him. We barely made it. NORTY BLIMM! NO COOKIE!

    • well my point was more that someone looking on their first try at the wiki would have less fun than someone who didn’t.

      i think they all stopped for brief moments when i was running behind them, i believe they wait until you catch up or otherwise are programmmed to pause for a moment.

  3. Good thing that Mark guy wasnt there he probably would have spoiled it all and gotten you killed.

    • yeah, good point?

  4. How exciting! I will most definitely not be trying this alone, so the guildy-begging will commence!

    • heh, with a bunch of people i think it would be a pretty fun experience. especially if you go down in a ball of flames together.

  5. This was a fun quest totally, I got a rough idea from the quest description what kind it was so I brought my Koss and Jora with me in tank build pretty much used em as living speedbumps. I gotta tell ya Jora seems to last way longer than Koss does. Must be the Norn boobs. =/

    • yeah i should have read the quest text more closely. I just figured it for something very similar to courier falken.

    • Yus yus you are obviously right!

      Norn boob protection!

      1) Jora lives longer because she has more >.> <.< padding.
      2) Awed by Norn boobs, mantle take longer to keel her!

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