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As a regular reader of Massively, I often see announcements for tiny, random, free-to-play, asian, etc games. Often I ignore these, not because I’m discriminating on the basis of business model, player-base size, or substandard graphics, but because who has time to keep track of every MMO?

Although I do admit, I discriminate on the basis of grind. I’ll completely ignore a game on that basis, any day.

Of course I still catch glimpses from plenty of games, whether they be a decade old or yet to be released. I’ve been seeing bits and pieces of Tera Online for quite some and to be honest, I did not like the look of it.

It looks both cartoony and asian, and while I can stand one or the other, the combination for me is a bit of a turn off. Strange for a big fan of anime? Maybe. The characters have giant swords, weird skin tones, giant breasts, overly flamboyant armour and weapons. Aion has nothing on this game.

The graphics mind you, are excellent. Truly impressive.

Anyway when I watched the MMO Report this week, a 5 minute show that airs on G4TV (I hope you die) hosted by Casey Schreiner and one of the few things on that channel I’d ever bother to watch, they showed a bit of video from the game.

It actually looked kind of good.

I want to fight that crab. I still don’t like the way the characters look, or the fighting styles which sort of remind me of an adventure game, not an MMO. Yet, it required team work, strategy, focus, and it wasn’t even a boss. The characters may look terrible to me, but the crab looks great. Well defined, nicely animated, good textures.

In the video below they go on to show a boss. In my opinion, and although I’m not very good at describing visuals, the boss looks stupid. Something about the giant swords, and his armour. Again though, it requires teamwork to defeat him, and the battle moves around. The boss just starts jumping away in a somewhat random fashion. The battle moves, instead of being confined to fairly small area.

Anyway its just a glimpse.


  1. While the graphics are amazing to look at, and I find the combat sufficiently exciting to watch (usually MMO combat is more exciting to be a part of than to watch, heh), I am concerned that these seem to be the only two selling points of the game thus far. As a story fiend, I’m frankly much more interested in how the lore will be revealed and how the story will unfold than whether or not there’s target-locking.

    The way the beta feedback sessions I’ve read seemed to boil down to “the testers felt there was too much grinding, so we’ve added more quests!” doesn’t inspire confidence….

    • Yeah it does look like a grinder doesn’t it. I’m also not much of an action adventure gamer type either, so I’m not sure how i’d like that.

      Heres hoping they supply some story.

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