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July 10, 2010 at 2:36 pm | Posted in mmorpg | 4 Comments
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Looking into a few things about Tera I was reminded of when Randomessa mentioned Rift: Planes of Telara on their blog. Its another upcoming MMO that I’ve seen from time to time in various places, but never really explored.

Looking through a few of its videos quickly shows its much more a traditional western game at first glance. Yes, it does stray towards the cartoony side (but not asian) and generally, for some reason, makes me feel a whole lot more comfortable. Some of the enemy visuals were kind of cool, like the undead climbing out of the ground, but then, the goblins looked utterly stupid, loud, and goofy.

While Tera is much more of an action orientated game, Rift looks like it took a more well trodden path.

Except for the dynamic stuff. Environments change, things react to that, anyone can join in when a rift opens and stuff pours out. Did Arenanet and Trion go to the same convention lecture or something?

I wasn’t overly impressed by the graphics but the settings did look good.

I’m still entirely focused on Guild Wars 2 and The Old Republic, so I doubt these games are even going to gain much attention from me. Its just interesting to look over the future landscape of the MMO world.



  1. Yeah, I’m kinda interested in this one too, but so far it’s still just at the back of my mind. Nothing has really made me go “OMG MUST PLAY!” yet, like the way GW2 has done.

    • indeed. this game is going to have to step up a little.

  2. I like the gameplay a lot but my only gripe with it is the fact that it’ll be like WoW in terms of seemingly geared focused endgame.

    • Well its unfortunate, but the reality is most games are gear based for end game. I can only think of one or two that aren’t.

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