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With every major article that Arenanet releases about Guild Wars 2, they release a follow up that tries to address the questions that arise. Usually there are a few new details, they address questions only paranoid schizophrenic types could come up with, and generally try to calm the frenzied masses. This is one of those follow ups.

They start with mini-games (but address travel later) which I think we can all agree are the big story here. Once again I’ll point out the utterly bone-headed “questions” they’ve found to respond to.

“Do we get to play with balls?” Only if you’re nice to your girlfriend.

we’ve got an activity in Hoelbrak that’s basically a norn interpretation of basketball, so you’ve got passing, shooting, etc. The only difference is that the ball in this case is a heavy keg of ale.

Dude, that’s not a ball. While I understand that it takes the place of the ball, whoever asked this question probably was more wondering if the balls bounce or roll, you know like balls do. I’ve already called the question bone-headed though so kudos for not answering it.

Holiday events!?

We’ll also be updating the holiday festivities to take advantage of the new tools we have at our disposal, so I hope you’ll be looking forward to them. Personally, as a fan of Halloween, I’m hoping that the Mad King will make a triumphant return to Tyria – and that after 250 years, his jokes will have managed to get even worse.

I don’t know, they were pretty bad. And I say that being on Team Coco, and he knows a thing or two about being bad. I wish Thorn‘s jokes were more like Conan where he reveled in their awfulness, and made the joke about how awful the joke was. Not kill you if you didn’t /laugh.

An actual interesting question! Will polymock return? They talk about how intricate they would have liked the original polymock to be, and then this.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t something we were able to do at the time with the resources we had, but it is something we can do with Guild Wars 2. So if you see Polymock making its return, it will be in a more robust implementation, to reflect what we had always wanted it to be.

The one interesting question, and we get “if”. I understand it’s a complicated business, some things might not make it into the game, you don’t want to get anyones hopes up. Just answer the questions. After all, you brought it up. You know, in that blog thing I’m reading with my eyes.

Player music!? Nah, just some effing tuba thing

Whats this music thing?

I believe that this question is in reference to the One-Man Band that we have in Divinity’s Reach, the human capital. The One-Man Band isn’t a system for players to create their own music per se – it’s more like a giant festive jukebox. Players can select songs from it and have them playing within the square

This is really disappointing, but that’s my fault for speculating. I hope I didn’t lead anyone astray here at the blog either. I imagine with all the predictions I’ve been making I’ll be saying that a lot soon. I guess my expectations for what game designers can do was raised with Lord of the Rings Online. So if you think about it, this is all LOTROs fault.

Lets talk about traveling. Why have a fee for warping to waypoints? I’m not even going to quote this one. It’s a money sink. Duh.

How many waypoints and asura gates will there be?

Currently any normal map has between 10 to 20 waypoints. Asura gates are in the major cities and some other story-specific areas. Right now that feels about right.


The cities are big.

All of our cities are quite large and divided into different thematic areas, with some special places you can instance into. The actual Divinity’s Reach map has different sections that reflect the different social groups, sections devoted to the six human gods, a large carnival area, and several instanced areas like the Queen’s Palace or the headquarters of the Seraph that are their own smaller maps.

That explains CanthaTown. I wonder what they mean by sections devoted to the six gods? Temples? Religious ghettos? Parks or holy areas devoted to their worship?

“How big is Tyria?” Its big. How many times do we have to go over this. There is jumping, there are persistent areas, there is no subscription, and ITS BIG. You know what, I think I’ve been a bit of a dick in this post, so I’ll leave it at that.

Hmmm I think I can see my Home Instance from here



  1. It would be cool if the world is bigger than whole guild wars.

    • it’ll be the size that it is. wanting anything else is setting yourself up for disappointment.

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