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World of Warcraft has announced they’re going to start using real names on their forums. Now I’m not a WoW player, I don’t really have any gamer friends and therefore don’t really know anyone who plays WoW. Yet if they’ve proved anything over the years, they are a trend maker, and people follow in their footsteps.

Please don’t make me use my real name. Please.

There are a wide variety of opinions already on the subject, from very negative to giddy with excitement. Even non-gaming sites are picking up on it, like Reddit.

I don’t have a strong opinion on this, because it doesn’t affect me, but like I said, Blizzard is a big influence on the rest of the Industry. Atheist God forbid Arenanet or Bioware copied this.

A few select reasons why this is a very bad idea.

– Removing someones anonymity does not automatically make them a nice person
– Removing someones anonymity does not somehow make them magically accountable for what they say
– Removing someones anonymity would stop about 1% of obnoxious griefers
– Removing someones anonymity would encourage the worst 1% of obnoxious griefers
– People do not want every aspect of their life to be googled, especially their pass-times
– Ensures people who want to harass you online can always harass you
– Ensures people who want to harass you in real life, can find you in real life
– Makes stealing your identity so much easier
– Have a funny name? Prepare to be ridiculed Mike Hawk
– Have a female name? Prepare to be inundated with pictures of Mike Hawk
– Makes using the internet to relieve the stress of real life just that much harder
– The combination of WoW forums and facebook would be extremely unhealthy
– Gold farmers will know exactly who they’re ripping off
– Can’t escape into the game if you’re using your real name
– Can’t escape from the game if you’re using your real name

You know I was thinking about the authenticators recently. It turns out that if you get hacked, and you don’t own one, the gold farmers put their own authenticator on your account. Fun little spit in the eye isn’t it? I can’t imagine how RealID is going to backfire.



  1. I am very negative, and do you know how you share your realid? You give them your login account details (i.e email address)… what a stupid idea. Blizzard’s lost it here.
    Then all they have to do is type in my password a million times to hack my account, or just lock me out? sigh. stupid.

    • The fraud that game is going to perpetrate is ridiculous

  2. I find this fascinating. I can’t wait to see how this goes down (in flames and horrific cries of pain, I hope).

    • Me too! blizzard really needs to be humbled.

  3. If you want a persistant online name thats fine, like I do. I am Melski in any game I play and any websites I comment on. I like that Melski has a meaning. However, it’s a different meaning to my real life me.
    The real life me has to make money, go to work and bring up kids (tries not to yawn).
    Melski though is totally the opposite, he’s cleansed worlds of evil since he was 7 (and has achieved his aims for decades now). White Mantle never had a chance really. He’s been a Medic through the WWs, Monk and Paladin in some fantasy worlds. Sometimes noobish, sometimes know-it-all; sometimes both at once! I wouldn’t want to mix children and Melski. It wouldn’t be pretty.

    • games are escapism and forcing people to facebook while they’re playing games is just dumb.

  4. Well said, Hunter. I wish I had said it, in fact. The potential simply far outweighs the potential good.

    • that’s what it comes down to. going as far back as the armoury they don’t seem to understand privacy concerns at all.

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  6. A part of me still thinks they might make some changes to the system to not include the real names, or scrap the idea all together for the forums…because when you really think about the idea, it just sounds CRAZY.

    • Blizzard is high on their own success. I hope you’re right, but they’re just sabotaging themselves.

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  8. I have personal experience with having an authenticor slapped onto my account by a hacker. Eventually he messed up my WoW account so bad that I can’t get it turned back on unless I pay $15 up front, and that’s just fine with me. It’s been off for a year now and I’d like it to stay that way.

    Real name attached to a game is enough to make me frothing mad. I mean really, REALLY mad. I keep my gaming life, my real life, and my blogging life separate for a reason and I take great pains to make it so. there are things I say on my blog that I would never have the courage to say to someone I knew personally. If someone has the ability to track me down in real life through my character name… That’s a real quick way to get me to run, run fast, and never touch your product again. Ever.

    • the authenticator is a ripoff if so many people are having that experience. shame on blizzard.

      blogging and gaming are small parts of my life, and I like having an alias, not because it protects my privacy and security, but because it’s kinda cool.

      • Absolutely. That I should have to pay extra money to protect my account. What the heck am I giving you $15/month for?

        I got my account back with little hassle and the authenticator taken off, but my husband wasn’t so lucky. He was out of comission for 2 weeks, half of the month he paid for.

        Aaaaah Guild Wars is so much nicer 🙂

        • it’s a total ripoff. if they really wanted to help those things would be sold at cost, but how much profit do you think they make?

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