Quoted For Truth: Jeux Online and 5 Man Dungeons

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French gaming website Jeux Online (which I think is French for “we surrender!” (tell me I’m wrong Stephane)) gathered some questions from its loyal readers and put them to Arenanet. You can’t find the interview here, and a translation that I’ll quote from here at GW2Guru.

There isn’t a huge amount of information to go over, but there are some potentially drama inspiring details, like the group sizes for dungeons.

In Guild Wars 2, the dungeons will be an integral part of the game and can be completed by a group with a maximum of 5 players. We think this is an appropriate size for the difficulty of the dungeons we’ve made.

That is not a lot. I admit I’ve never really participated in dungeon raids over the size of 12 people or so, and in Guild Wars it was usually less after people would disconnect during Urgoz or Deep runs. In Runes of Magic 12 people was hard to put together because you had to find 12 people willing to spend money on a free-to-play game and they had to not suck. Which made it all that much harder. 6 man dungeons in Runes and 8 man dungeons in Guild Wars have always been my best experiences.

Large group activities have always had their drawbacks. Whether it be lag, co-ordination, co-operation, in-fighting, drama, or just the plain amount of time to put things together. They’ve obviously got good points as well, the socialization is incredible, a more inclusive feel as long as you’ve got the gear, the challenge of co-ordinating such large groups and then the celebratory comraderie when you complete something together.

Does that mean 5 man (or woman, my apologies ladies) dungeons are bound to failure? Of course not. I’ve heard louder whoops of joy from small groups of 6 than large groups of 12. Time to put together a group is miniscule, and since Guild Wars already caters to a casual crowd this is a no brainer.

I have no doubts this will outrage forum goers but for the rest of us, is it that big a deal?

Moving on. There is no walking.

For now, we don’t have that possibility in Guild Wars 2. Your characters have so many places to visit – they run!

Is this a big deal to anyone? Yet again I feel like a detail has been dropped that I don’t really care about but other people will doomsay to no end about it. Personally I’d rather get somewhere as fast as possible as travelling is one of my biggest pet peeves in MMOs.

Thats about it for the interview, Arenanet spends some time skipping and hopping around questions about healing classes, pvp, the Eye of the North and other things but nothing worth typing about.

Does this charr look like it wants to walk? I don't think so


  1. Don’t worry everyone, water ele will make us walk.

    • if water eles still have movement debuffs.

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