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Kind of appropriate

I have no faith in Interplay. They had to sell off one of their all time grossing properties, Fallout, just to stay afloat. They held on to the online rights in a desperate bid to stay in the business, clutching to a potential cash cow.

We’re talking about a company that as recently as 2.5 years ago had a website that looked like this. For most of 2008 their website looked like this. Now admittedly great strides have been taken to make their site look as thought it was designed post 1994, as you can see here, but I am not exactly inspired. This is a company aspiring to appeal to PC gamers.

The lawsuit isn’t quite giving me a good vibe about any Fallout MMO either. Let’s review.

Three years after licensing the Fallout intellectual property in 2004, Bethesda Softworks bought it outright for $5.75 million from Interplay, which created the franchise. Under the terms of the deal, Bethesda licensed the rights to make a Fallout massively multiplayer online role-playing game back to Interplay, with the caveat that the fallen publisher had to start full-time development within two years. That deal imploded in April, when Bethesda, dissatisfied with Interplay’s efforts, revoked the Fallout MMORPG rights.

An injunction was filed to stop work on the game, by Bethesda, it was dismissed, they appealed but then dropped their own appeal. Nobody knows the precise reason why. Rumours are floating around that some sort of deal was cut between Interplay and Bethesda but nothing official. Where legal precedings stand now is anyones guess.

Masthead was contracted to start producing material for the game in 2009, and earlier this year the teaser site was set up, and a newsletter was sent out with images and dialogue.

It appears to me that Interplay is just trying to prove they’re working on the MMO without actually having done any work on the MMO. Concept art, supposed dialogue and characters and a website does not an MMO make.

To top that off Bathesda is working on their own MMO. Elder Scrolls Online anyone?

Its all just a giant mess. If there was ever a game not to get excited about, its this one. Do not get your hopes up. Do not let the hype fool you. Wait for something concrete. I mean what are the chances this game is going to overcome all of its problems?



  1. Guild Wars 2 killer

    • is GW2 gonna kill WoW first, then get killed by FOO?

      • Indeed.
        (btw I think you sould make a new poll: will gw2 kill wow?)

        • i am so not going to start comparing gw2 to WoW. i see enough of that everywhere else.

          • What about “will Guild Wars 2 be more succsesfull than Guild wars?”

            • i’ll take it into consideration

  2. A shame that such a good IP is wrapped up in all this drama crap.

    • I know right. On the other hand, fallen earth does sort of hold ground that fallout might take up. they’ve always seemed similar even though I haven’t played FE. anyone gung ho for fallout could play that.

      but still, its a shame.

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