Temple Of The Intolerable

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As the War in Kryta moves forward, so do I. I’d completed the previous two mini-missions heading into Temple of the Intolerable so I knew what to expect. I can’t say there was anything particularly surprising, especially when we arrived at the boss location.

Spoiler Heavy Post.

As with other mini-missions, me, mark, and meal were transported into the D’Alessio Seaboard. Originally this mission involved defending the White Mantle against successive waves of undead. To begin TotI you speak to a previously little used NPC who smuggles you via ship to a small area you previously only saw if you’ve been trying to get cartography titles.

That’s one of the more interesting things about these mini-missions. Revisiting areas that plainly would otherwise be passed by, seeing details you hadn’t seen before, or seeing things from a reverse angle.

We advanced through some of the same paths anyone not interested in doing the bonus would take to get to the Temple of Tolerance, where the main showdown takes place both in the mission and in the mini-mission.

We only had a slight bit of trouble with maybe one group which had a particularly good healer while we were all low on energy, but I don’t think anyone died. Until later.

The twin towers of the Temple of Tolerance

In the original mission successive waves of undead charge the Temple from different directions. To survive this you stand near the Shrine of Mending which buffs you, its pretty straight forward.

The mini-mission is a little more complicated. Each group you defeat spawns a new group, much like in A Little Help From Above. There are 2 groups in the main temple area, and if we had killed both, 2 groups would have immediately rushed us. We caught on quickly and instead of being besieged constantly by multiple groups, we moved down one of the paths without aggroing more than one group. That meant we had less warning when a group spawned but at least weren’t overwhelmed.

After defeating what felt like a dozen spawned groups we began working on the other side in the same fashion. When we were done with that we finally moved on to the final boss fight.

Now part of playing with the same people for years is you work well together but you often make the same mistakes together. I’m not sure what happened, perhaps we didn’t wait long enough after what we thought was the last spawned group, or part of the boss group spawned another group, in any case we got rushed by a second group while we were taking out the boss.

We tried moving as far away from the newly rushed in group before they got to the temple area, but once again the minions drew their attention. Minion Masters may be one of the most powerful builds but its incredible how often they cause problems too.

Once we made it back to the temple it was cake, but that walk back was a pain. The res area is your initial entry point.

So far that’s all the mini-missions. There have been hints about large scale battles imminent in the storyline of War in Kryta but no signs of how that will play out gameplay wise. The news articles by Murrow have resumed after a few weeks of nothing, but I’m not sure that signals the end of WiK or not. I haven’t got one of the green weapons nor have I got a new mini yet.



  1. I have not yet been able to complete the Temple of the Intolerable, though I also haven’t recruited human help as yet. A Little Help From Above went much more smoothly for me, and as you said, getting to the Temple was no problem, I just could not good pulls of one group at a time up around the boss, and after about the third res+run back, I started getting tired and sloppy.

    • Our final fight with the boss was long and difficult, real people might be in order. I don’t want to think about doing it with h&h.

  2. This is a challanging one again. I enjoyed it, where did the original dude good I wonder? The one you had to protect in the mission.

    I was happy I didn’t bring a mm for this one, a spirit spammer and tank turned out to be a safer call. I was starting to get frustrated that I was unable to finish off the mob before the next one got there. Took a long time but I managed to eventually get the place clear, then waited for the next mob. Took that then immedatiely took on the boss. I had to do 3 or 4 runs from that horrible spawn place though. I think that was a little mean.

    Bring on the next one.

    • confessor dorian dies at thunderhead keep.

      shoulda brought both the spirit spammer and a mm sounds like. I guess we’re stuck waiting for the next one.

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