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Grenth doesn't even like pronouncing his own name

A lot of the time in Guild Wars, place names are completely impossible to pronounce. Its actually a really big pet peeve of mine. I don’t know how to spell Tahnakai Temple, let alone pronounce it. I prefer place names like Blacktide Den (easy to remember!) to Grand Court of Selbekeh.

Runes of Magic was great about this. Howling Mountains, Silverspring, Dragonfang Ridge, Dust Devil Canyon. All words I know how to pronounce and can memorize easily.

Guild Wars is like a tongue twister. Kodonur Crossroads. Say that 3 times fast. Floodplains of Mahnkelon, Panjiang Peninsula, Xaquang Skyway.

And its not just the campaigns based on other cultures that annoy me, for all you out there about to accuse me of prejudice. Sardelac Sanitarium, Mamnoon Lagoon, Catacombs of Kathandrax.

Why are you making me do linguistic gymnastics Arenanet? WHY!?

I would prefer simple, easy to use, easy to pronounce names. If you’re about to argue that foreign gamers might say otherwise, I’d say that translating the game into their language means we shouldn’t have that problem.

I don’t think this is just a Guild Wars problem. Every game should keep it creative but useable.

Honestly its just really hard to yell out in vent, “Okay everybody, lets meet up at Tankakatai, I mean, Tanalkai, Tanhakhai…. the temple, lets meet at the temple.”



  1. Actually i like the names of the places and locations in GW, they make the gameworld realistic for me. Better than such names like RoM, where it seems that somebody just took two words from a dictionary and made a name out of it. But your right, some of them are really hard to pronounce.

    P.S.: Next expisode of IT Crowd is up 🙂

    • meh, they’re just nonsense names to me. mamnoon lagoon doesn’t have any history behind the name as far as a i know. there is no in game lore about a guy named mamnoon discovering a lagoon.

      thanks for the tip on IT crowd. I have to go find some place other than ninjavideo to watch it though.

  2. I prefer the names in guild wars and not names with real words, but its harder to remember thoese strange words… and read them too, as a no native speaker.

    • i think names like blackrock spire are a lot more catchy than names like nahpui quarter.

      but its a matter of opinion. to each his own.

  3. Weird names do make a game world more realistic to me, but I totally know what you mean as well. You think GW is bad, you should play LOTRO a little while longer.

    It’s no wonder we gamers use abbreviations and acronyms so much 😛

    • LOTRO is kind of unique. its more random letters thrown together than any other game I’ve ever played, but it makes it work better than most games I admit.

      abbreviations probably deserve their own post one day.

  4. Yeah sorry they are nicer, they are a little less english and so better reflect to me their place, ie Cantha in the ‘temples’ example you used.

    • well obviously i’m in the minority but I stand by my opinion

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